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Advertise here!

Part of a student group and want to share event/organization information with the rest of campus?

Your friendly Student Life Office student assistants want to remind you of the process of requesting advertising help with your events:

  1. You can send in requests to us HERE for the following outlets:
    • Digital wall (tv screens in the commons)
    • Table tents in Cafe Bon Appetit
    • Thomas Commons Twitter
    • Student gateway portal on the Cornell website
  2.  Please send in requests at least a week ahead of time to make sure we have enough time to put your events up!
    • *NOTE: Table tent requests need to be sent in by 4 pm on the Wednesday before the week of the event. (No exceptions; They don’t magically design/print themselves! -thx)
  3. We highly welcome your creativity and insight in sending in your requests. (After all, you know your event best) Therefore, the more information you send in to us, the better.
    • Make sure it’s in an editable file! (No PDFs, please)
    • Send the link to the Facebook event so we can direct people right to it online!
    • Photos! The bigger, the better.
    • If you want to design your own Digital wall slide, download the template HERE (underneath “Electronic templates”). The template will make the ad show up the best!
  4. General instructions for making your event(s) successful, including how to advertise with other forms on campus (Master Calendar, etc) can be found HERE.
  5. Bonus: If you want to write something for this blog, email us at studentlifews@cornellcollege.edu and we’ll set something up!

Choosing Classes, Finding Books, and assorted Academic Know-How

Let’s face it: I’m a bit of a nerd. And as a nerd, I’m here to impart to you my knowledge of the ins and outs of some of the academic sides of Cornell. During this (rather long) post, we’ll tackle some of the bigger questions about Cornell academics that you may have coming in this fall, such as searching for classes, course requirements, understanding the ‘bidding system’, finding book lists and ordering books, getting support, and a lot more things that are good to be aware of. Browse, read at your own pace, and get excited for the amazing experience ahead of you as a Cornell student!  Continue reading Choosing Classes, Finding Books, and assorted Academic Know-How

Getting Involved

“What are you involved in?” For a Cornellian, that may be the scariest question out there. Guest Blogger Jordan Wolfe, ’17, a PA with NSO2015 talks about getting involved on campus and balancing activities. As one of Cornell’s NCAA III athletes, Jordan is well practiced in balancing athletics and the rigorous academics of Cornell. 

At Cornell, getting involved is extremely easy to do, with something new available for you wherever you look.  With 15 active Greek organizations, 19 NCAA Division III sports teams, and over 50 student organizations on campus, that makes for nearly 100 choices of groups to be a part of on the hilltop. Continue reading Getting Involved

Student Org Spotlight: TWRG

Guest Blogger: Hannah Warner ’17, a TWRG e-board officer–

Third Wave Resource Group (TWRG) serves as an on-campus resource for activism and support for third wave feminism on campus and in the surrounding community. We are activists who examine issues of race, gender, sexuality, and socioeconomic class through a feminist lens. Continue reading Student Org Spotlight: TWRG

Choosing a Cell Phone Plan for Cornell

Guest Blogger: Halee Schomberg ’16
Wondering about how to stay connected on campus so that you can roam without your cell phone doing the same? Senior PA Halee has compiled a guide to cell phone plans and the Mount Vernon area.

With summer here and your college decision made, you’re probably thinking that you’ve got everything figured out for the fall. You’ll soon start checking off items like: comforter, rug, fan, and everything else on the college’s list of “things to bring”. But something that isn’t on that list that is definitely worth thinking about is: which cell phone plan do you have? This may seem like a strange question, I mean, how would your phone plan affect the start of your college experience at Cornell? Well, it just might. It depends if you mind seeing this on your phone screen every time you go to make a call or send a text.

cell phone 2Now, don’t panic. Here are a few friendly tips that will help you in deciding if your cell phone is Cornell College ready or not.

Continue reading Choosing a Cell Phone Plan for Cornell

FREE Microsoft Products for Cornell Students

New and Returning students! Did you know you can download MS Office Suite for free with your Cornell account?!

Director of IT Mike Cereveny emailed all students about it earlier this summer, but if you missed it, here’s what to know: Continue reading FREE Microsoft Products for Cornell Students