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Good Samaritan Policy

By now, you’ve probably looked at the student code of conduct (The Compass) once or twice this year — we have made some changes from previous years (you’ll get an email outlining those changes between now and October 1).

With this all in mind, I continue to want to make sure you were all aware of our Good Samaritan Statement.  The past few weeks have been filled with information regarding the sexual misconduct policy, and when you might want to reach out to others around sexual assault.  The Good Samaritan statement also highlights reaching out for assistance when someone is in need of it.

The basic concept of the statement is that it is more important to get help for another student in their time of need than to not reach out because you are afraid of getting in trouble yourself.  We offer limited immunity for you if you are helping someone in need.  With that, we encourage you to continue to step up and help each other out.  As we’ve discussed during orientation the past few years, help be the snackman: