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Exchange Opportunity

Cornell will send 5 female students to Aoyama Gakuin Women’s Junior College in Japan for 9-10 days in November 2016! During their stay, Cornell students will attend classes, participate in various activities, and tour wonderful attractions in the Tokyo area. Contact Stephanie Nomura (International & Off-Campus Studies) for more information. Applications are due April 1st!

A picture of Aoyama Gakuin’s visitors on campus in February with their new friends and Cornell faculty/staff/students:

Aoyama Welcome Group Pic by Jessica Meis

Internships, Fellowships, Off Campus, and other Opportunities

A tagline you hear a lot at Cornell is something along the lines of “one exceptional opportunity after another”–and, well…it’s pretty accurate! This piece is written by a Cornellian that is familiar with all that Cornell offers. Peter Catchings, ’16, a PA with NSO 2015 exemplifies a Cornellian doing it all, as an athlete, Student Senator, active member of various organizations, all on top of academics. This summer, Peter was a Cornell Fellows as he participated in an internship in law in Chicago. Learn more about some of Cornell’s exceptional opportunities. 

Hey there first-years! I’m Peter Catchings, a rising senior from Naperville, Illinois majoring in Politics, and I’m here to give you some helpful tips about internships when it comes to Cornell College. Continue reading Internships, Fellowships, Off Campus, and other Opportunities