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BIYCK 2016

The following message is sent from the BACO Umoja LLC:


This year, we the members of BACO Umoja LLC, will be holding a life-changing conference, the Black Iowa Youth Conference: Kujichagulia (BIYCK) from April 8-10, 2016. The success of BIYCK is our utmost priority. We have organized and planned workshops, panels, and activities for our expected attendees. The workshops include: SAT/ACT prep, personal statement/resume workshops, health clinics, and two discussion panels. As well as a few fun activities such as an open mic. night and other bonding events. We are looking for volunteers to help make this event a success.

We have different positions available for volunteers these include the following;

Group Leader

As a group leader you would be in charge of a group of 5 young men or 5 young women ranging from incoming sophomores through incoming college freshmen. You will make sure the students are on time to sessions and speakers. Your job is to be available to students at all times, be engaged in group activities, as well as provide guidance to the students. The amount of students you will be guiding is subject to change.

General Volunteer

As a general volunteer you would be responsible for making sure the conference runs as smoothly as possible which includes but is not limited to set up and clean up. This position is crucial to the conference. You will be interacting with the participants and also contributing to the mission of BIYCK.

Overnight Host

An Overnight Host is a vital piece to the BIYCK experience. You will be expected to host 1 or 2 students in your room and be a source of mentorship for them. Your job will be to enrich their conference experience while informing them about the college dorm experience.

Tech Team

As part of the Tech team you would be in charge of documenting every moment of the conference. You will be working with photography, video footages, and social media. Your presence is required at every BIYCK event.

Mandatory Volunteer Training:

Before the conference, you will be engaging in training sessions where we will equip you with the tools to succeed in teaching and mentoring young adults. The sessions will vary in length (1-3 hours) and there will be 4* training sessions over a period of a couple of months. A potential volunteer must attend the firstvolunteering session to be considered. We hope that you decide to participate in this student run conference and contribute to cause of educating the youth of Iowa.

* The number of training sessions is subject to change.

For more information on important upcoming deadlines and details on the 2016 BIYCK conference, please email me, Abyssinia Moges, at amoges18@cornellcollege.edu. To learn more about BIYCK visit our website athttp://biyck.webs.com/volunteers.

We look forward to working with you! Happy Holiday

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