Pass/Fail Option?

Instead of focusing on a policy in our code of conduct, The Compass, today, I wanted to spend some time focusing on one of our grade options.  Students may have heard about other institutions of higher education offering a pass/fail option.  Cornell, however, has a different view of the policy and action MUST be taken in the first three days of the block in order to exercise the option, so we wanted to clarify the policy a little bit.

All of the information about our Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option is available in our academic catalogue.  Individuals wanting to explore the S/U option need to complete an S/U form within the first three days of the block and return it to the Registrar’s Office in Old Sem.  If, on the 15th day of the block, you determine you would rather take your grade, you can rescind the S/U option.  Students can use a maximum of two S/U credits towards the 31 required for graduation.

That being said, there is a distinct reason why we say S/U, instead of Pass/Fail.  Satisfactory grades are grades C and above.  If you receive a C- or below, the grade is considered Unsatisfactory and does not earn a credit nor allow you to use the course to satisfy prerequisites.  Find out more in the 2015-2016 academic catalogue.

First Late Night Breakfast of the Year

Join us Tuesday night in the Hilltop Cafe, as the Division of Student Affairs, CTL Leaders, and staff from around campus assist Bon Appetit in serving you Late Night Breakfast. Enjoy this tradition and take break as you study for and finish writing your Block 1 finals! Doors open at 10 p.m. and close at 11 p.m.!

Plus there will be music, stress relievers, games, and giveaways on the OC! Don’t miss all the fun! 

This is open to current Cornell College students and does not count against your meal plan. No take out is available. For more information, contact Quinneka Lee at

Good Samaritan Policy

By now, you’ve probably looked at the student code of conduct (The Compass) once or twice this year — we have made some changes from previous years (you’ll get an email outlining those changes between now and October 1).

With this all in mind, I continue to want to make sure you were all aware of our Good Samaritan Statement.  The past few weeks have been filled with information regarding the sexual misconduct policy, and when you might want to reach out to others around sexual assault.  The Good Samaritan statement also highlights reaching out for assistance when someone is in need of it.

The basic concept of the statement is that it is more important to get help for another student in their time of need than to not reach out because you are afraid of getting in trouble yourself.  We offer limited immunity for you if you are helping someone in need.  With that, we encourage you to continue to step up and help each other out.  As we’ve discussed during orientation the past few years, help be the snackman:


RSVP before Sept 18th to participate in this Block Break retreat.
Explore your inner life and dream world Thurs., Sept. 24th (10am-5pm in Hedges). Unpack the nature of dream interpretation from a Jungian perspective, and take a look at the way dreams have been used in different spiritual traditions: Christian, Native American, and Buddhist. Each participant is invited to bring two dreams, one of which can be shared with others. We will explore exercises to help understand dreams both for your personal use and as a group.  This day will be a mix of teaching about dreams and hands on exercises to help you learn to work with your dreams for spiritual, emotional and intellectual insight and growth. RSVP to cquehl-engel.
Presenter Dr. Mary L. Fraser is a pastoral counselor with a Ph.D. in Personality and Theology, degrees in Literature and Women’s Studies, an M.Div., certification in Dream Leadership Training, and studies in Native American Pipe Ceremony, completing her Vision Quest in Maine.  Mary’s daughter, Laurel, attends Cornell College.

?s: cquehl-engel

Consent 101

Continuing last week’s conversation around consent, I want to make sure there still aren’t any questions about consent.  Some folks might believe talking about consent can be a challenge.  Laci Green gives some great advice about how to ask about consent.  See them here:

We’re starting with talking about sexual assault.  We know that sexual assault happens far too frequently, and the start of the academic year can be a time that is especially problematic around sexual assault.  We also know that national statistics demonstrate that 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men are sexually assaulted while in college.  Not only this, but 93% of victims of sexual assault know the assailant.

Important in our understanding is making sure we are all on the same page about consent.  As a reminder, our sexual misconduct policy outlines our definition of consent.

If you, or someone you know, has been the victim of sexual assault while at Cornell, I encourage you to report it to the dean of students office by filling out an incident report, but also to utilize the resources available on campus:

Fully Confidential Resources


Confidential Campus Resources

  • Sexual Misconduct Liaison: Cornell College’s Sexual Misconduct Liaison is a member of the college staff outside the Dean of Students’ office and conduct system whose role is to provide support and information to students who may have experienced sexual harassment or assault. This person can provide information about resources and reporting options without initiating any formal investigation or complaint. Sharon Grice; Peter Paul Luce Admissions Center; 319-895-4162

Service Opportunity

Come to the Emma Goldman Clinic’s monthly volunteer night to receive service hours! Volunteer nights usually involve putting together informational packets for clients or other office tasks, and are a fun and easy way to learn more about the clinic. Meet in the Commons at 5:15pm Wednesday the 9th – the Cornell van will leave no later than 5:30pm and will get back to campus around 8:30pm. Email or click here to sign up for a spot in the van, or if you are transporting yourself and have space in your car for others!