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RSVP before Sept 18th to participate in this Block Break retreat.
Explore your inner life and dream world Thurs., Sept. 24th (10am-5pm in Hedges). Unpack the nature of dream interpretation from a Jungian perspective, and take a look at the way dreams have been used in different spiritual traditions: Christian, Native American, and Buddhist. Each participant is invited to bring two dreams, one of which can be shared with others. We will explore exercises to help understand dreams both for your personal use and as a group.  This day will be a mix of teaching about dreams and hands on exercises to help you learn to work with your dreams for spiritual, emotional and intellectual insight and growth. RSVP to cquehl-engel.
Presenter Dr. Mary L. Fraser is a pastoral counselor with a Ph.D. in Personality and Theology, degrees in Literature and Women’s Studies, an M.Div., certification in Dream Leadership Training, and studies in Native American Pipe Ceremony, completing her Vision Quest in Maine.  Mary’s daughter, Laurel, attends Cornell College.

?s: cquehl-engel

Service Opportunity

Come to the Emma Goldman Clinic’s monthly volunteer night to receive service hours! Volunteer nights usually involve putting together informational packets for clients or other office tasks, and are a fun and easy way to learn more about the clinic. Meet in the Commons at 5:15pm Wednesday the 9th – the Cornell van will leave no later than 5:30pm and will get back to campus around 8:30pm. Email or click here to sign up for a spot in the van, or if you are transporting yourself and have space in your car for others!

Know Your Cornell Lingo!

“Do you know how to get to–?” Early on in your time at Cornell, you’re bound to have to ask that question a few times at least. As a head start in getting to know Cornell, it will be helpful to know campus-specific vocab. With a crash course in Cornell Lingo, you’ll save a lot of time and confusion early on. Acting as your Cornell linguist with insights into Cornell’s own vocab is Nina Kahn, a rising sophomore and PA, to introduce you to–first off–the Hilltop (campus’s most common nickname!).

Every college has their own unique vocabulary that pertains to the individual school community; Cornell is no exception. Most people have probably heard the term block plan since it is Cornell’s biggest identifier, but it is doubtful that they know the term ‘third week’. Students and teachers like to use the term ‘third week’ to describe the homestretch of the last full week of classes or the tired feelings that happens around that week. “My brain is in third week mode,” or “it’s third week, cut me a break.” Although ‘third week’ is sometimes met with mixed feelings, students push through it because they know fourth week is right around the corner, which means late night breakfast and block break! Continue reading Know Your Cornell Lingo!