Student Senate

Meet our student organization: Mock Trial

What do you want folks to know about your organization?

We oversee the student activity fund and organizations on campus as well as represent the student body as a whole.

When do you meet?  

General Assembly meets on Tuesdays at 6:30.

How can someone get involved with your organization?

Elections for class representatives are held at the beginning of every year, executive board positions are replaced second semester.

Do you have any signature events each year?

We are responsible for the Big Event every year! Previous headliners have included rapper B.O.B. and comedian Vanessa Bayer.

How do you think you’ll be doing things differently this year?

Assembly will be held virtually, so you can tune in from your res halls!

If your group was a TV show, what show would you be?


How should someone contact your group?

Check out our page on Cornell’s website and reach out to the representative in charge of what you need.

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