Meet the New Staff for 2017-18!

Over the summer several new staff members have joined the Cornell College campus.  We wanted to make sure you were familiar with some of them before you arrive, so take a few moments to meet a few of them!


Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach, John Androus

John Androus is joining the staff as the assistant men’s basketball coach.  He’s an alum of Luther College and grew up in Lindenhurst, Illinois.  John’s excited for the opportunity to be at Cornell and interact with students.




Head Tennis Coach Peter Dumas

Head men’s and women’s tennis coach Peter Dumas attended Hartwick College, a liberal arts school in his home state of New York.  He’s excited about the people at Cornell and how devoted and dedicated they are to the students.  Strike up a conversation with Peter by asking about music: singing, playing, or listening to it.





Athletic Director Keith Hackett

Keith Hackett is the incoming Athletic Director at Cornell.  Growing up 30 minutes north of New York City, Keith has lived on opposite ends of the United States, coming to Cornell from Alaska, where he was Athletic Director at the University of Alaska Anchorage.  During the course of his career in higher education, he has always had the interests and concerns of all students in mind and their success and direction are very important to him.






Coordinator of Civic Engagement, Samantha Hebel

Sam Hebel returns to Cornell as the coordinator of civic engagement.  Since graduating in 2012, Sam attended graduate school at Michigan State and has worked in civic engagement work on two other campuses.  Being involved with the Civic Engagement Office as an undergraduate changed the course of her life and she hopes to cultivate those opportunities for current and incoming students.  Sam insists she’s here to help, whether you are looking to become an active citizen, or you aren’t sure where to go, she’ll help navigate your questions.




Head Softball Coach, Jackie Sernek

Jackie Sernek is the new head softball coach at Cornell.  She’s from Chicago, Illinois and is a Cornell alumna.  After leaving Cornell, she went to graduate school at Eastern Illinois University, but she is excited to return to the family atmosphere she experienced at Cornell.  If you have a good book recommendation, pass it along to Jackie, because she loves to read.






Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach Lane Zierten

Lane Zierten joins the athletics staff as the head men’s lacrosse coach.  After growing up in and attending college in New Jersey, Lane is excited to join the coaching staff because he could tell when interviewing at Cornell that the culture was one that was set up for success.  He misses getting a good, quality New York slice of pepperoni pizza while living in the Midwest, so if you want to discuss that more, find him to have a conversation.