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Mix It Up Monday

What is Mix It Up?

Mix It Up is a community-building activity designed to help you:

  • get to know more people outside of your typical circle (network)
  • become more comfortable talking with those who are different from you / have different experiences or opinions (understanding)
  • build familiarity, comfort, and trust among new acquaintances (respect)

Why Should You Participate?

  • Because you can learn and enjoy beyond the normal boundaries and daily routines that you have set for yourself
  • Because your individual success at Cornell is related to the strength of the campus community, and vice versa


Instructions for Mix It Up! 

  1. Sit in an area different from where you normally sit, and with people whom you may not know. Staff and student leaders may provide suggestions of places you might sit.
  2. Form a group with 3-4 other people sitting around you.
  3. Take a few minutes to introduce yourselves by sharing your: Name / class year / when you lived in your first-year hall and on which floor / major / where you are from
  4. Take turns sharing your answers to the questions on the “What is your favorite…” list.
  5. After finishing the list, continue to enjoy getting to know each other.
  6. After today, continue to greet each member of your group on campus. Try to remember everyone’s name and at least one of their favorite things.

Mix It Up! is part of the Breaking Bread community-building series sponsored by Student Affairs