Register to Vote

Just because you’re in college, and possibly far away from your hometown, doesn’t mean you can’t exercise your right to vote. With the General Elections happening across the country this fall, we figured it would be helpful to provide information for how you can vote while you’re here. Because it is only legal to vote in one U.S. state, you have two options:

1. Vote here in Mount Vernon in the local and Iowa elections. More info about registering can be found here

2. If you choose to vote in elections as a resident of your home state, but are unable to drop everything and return home to vote, absentee balloting makes it all easier for you. You just have to be on top with registering and requesting a ballot be sent to you, sometimes several months ahead of an election (depending on the state).

Each state has different requirements and deadlines. Here’s a resource that specifies absentee voting rules for each state.

Don’t know when elections are, or not sure you’re going to be able to keep track? Sign up for automated emails from sites like