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Clothesline Project

A message from TWRG:

If you’re passing through the commons this week and you see a large number of shirts on the OC we want you to know that….

-These shirts were made by survivors of sexual assault, rape, and abuse who are/were members of the Cornell community.

-People can make their own shirts to share their stories (supplies are on the OC, feel free to take a shirt back to your own room).

-We recognize that this event brings up different feelings for everyone but we wholeheartedly support the right of survivors to share their stories and their pain.

-On Friday at 5:30 we will meet on the OC for a silent march across campus called the Rally Against Sexual Assault that will conclude with a talkback regarding the march and the Clothesline Project as a whole.

-If you are in need of support, you can contact TWRG (the members are trained sexual assault/domestic violence advocates and our services are fully confidential)

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