Pass/Fail Option?

Instead of focusing on a policy in our code of conduct, The Compass, today, I wanted to spend some time focusing on one of our grade options.  Students may have heard about other institutions of higher education offering a pass/fail option.  Cornell, however, has a different view of the policy and action MUST be taken in the first three days of the block in order to exercise the option, so we wanted to clarify the policy a little bit.

All of the information about our Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option is available in our academic catalogue.  Individuals wanting to explore the S/U option need to complete an S/U form within the first three days of the block and return it to the Registrar’s Office in Old Sem.  If, on the 15th day of the block, you determine you would rather take your grade, you can rescind the S/U option.  Students can use a maximum of two S/U credits towards the 31 required for graduation.

That being said, there is a distinct reason why we say S/U, instead of Pass/Fail.  Satisfactory grades are grades C and above.  If you receive a C- or below, the grade is considered Unsatisfactory and does not earn a credit nor allow you to use the course to satisfy prerequisites.  Find out more in the 2015-2016 academic catalogue.