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Student Org Spotlight: NACC

Kayne Whyte, a rising Cornell senior and member of the Navajo Nation, shares on the NACC’s mission, place on campus, and events. The organization was chartered in 2012 and has quickly become an installment in Cornell’s intercultural and campus life. 


The Native Americans at Cornell College (N.A.C.C) student group is designed to promote support and awareness for the Native American student population and the greater Cornell College community. N.A.C.C seeks to engage its members and the community in enhancing their cultural identity and gain a multi-diverse perception of the world.

N.A.C.C also hopes to promote awareness among the Cornell community by having events that promote the tribal identity of North America.

We typically meet the first and third Wednesday of every block in the evenings, and at these meetings we have discussions on current events that relate to the Native American community and issues that impact everyone.

NACC meeting

We try to have as many events throughout the year that are designed to provide a glimpse into Native American culture and to help promote awareness to things that are usually forgotten or pushed aside. Some of these events include Native American beading workshops, documentary screenings, and dinners revolved around Native cuisine.

nacc beading

Being one of the ICL groups here on campus it is extremely important for us to tell the stories that were forgotten and to not forget the history of these nations that were never taught in school, this is why we are important on campus.

Something that we want incoming students to know about NACC is that you don’t have to be native to be an active member, we encourage everyone and anyone who is interested in learning about First Nations to come to our meetings and events to gain a better understanding of who we are as a people and to not be afraid to ask us any questions.

As one of the intercultural life groups on campus, NACC serves the campus community as a source of education, awareness, and support. Get involved with NACC this fall and check out their on campus events! NACC is a great student org to get involved with to meet other students, become an active campus citizen, gain awareness, and have a lot of fun. Connect with the group on Facebook