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What to Bring and What Not to Bring to Your First Year at Cornell

Guest Blogger: Hope Cotter, PA from the class of 2018

New students, are you starting to wonder about what to bring to campus in the fall? Hope Cotter, a PA and sophomore student has compiled an insider’s list of all you could possibly need. The fun part–making your own list for what you want to bring from home, pick up at Target once you get here, and Jenga-into your family’s car for move in day. Read over Residence Life’s details on What’s Provided and What to Bring here. My recommendations are to consider what you will actually use, wear, and want on a daily basis. Talk to your roommate and really consider adjusting to sharing space and a new environment when considering any big ticket items. Everyone’s packing list is going to be different–if you’re filling up a minivan or have one bag off your flight in Cedar Rapids, remember that you will be able to get to a store if you forget something or decide you need something else–Target runs are a Cornell favorite pastime!–and your room will start to feel like home soon!  From three years of experience moving in and out of Cornell: I recommend packing the essentials first, then figuring out realistically how much else you want to pack, move-in, and unpack. The basics: beds are Twin XL, bring what you’ll use on a daily basis, a surge protector, a daily planner and Nalgene water bottle (Cornellian’s favorite accessories!) and you’ll figure it out from there!–Laura 

Here’s the list Hope (an admitted overpacker!)–compiled:
What to Bring and What Not to Bring to Your First Year at Cornell

Hey there incoming first years! I remember experiencing the panic that some of you may be feeling when trying to decide what it is that you should bring to school with you in the fall. Helpful as some of the blogs and lists online may seem, they include a lot of items that aren’t quite necessary. So, in order to hopefully help calm some of your nerves, I’ve created a list more specific to Cornell. Just keep in mind that whatever I say that is needed or not does not mean that you can’t bring it anyways (for the most part). This list is a compilation of things that I, a compulsive over-packer, found to be of most use. To begin, we’ll start with:

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Hope's Packing List 1 Hope's Packing List 2 Hope's Packing List 3 Hope's Packing List 4

Thanks to Hope for such a thorough list! Remember, this is one person’s list–yours will be different but that’s perfectly alright! If you have any questions for current students on what to bring, feel free to post on the school app on Facebook or reply to this post and someone will get back to you! Happy packing and don’t stress about it! 🙂