An interdisciplinary resource site for the study of Immigration, Emigration, and Migration in France and the Francophone World


  • What are the causes, impacts, and consequences of immigration and migration in the Francophone world?
  • What are the historical, cultural and geographical contexts that impact immigration and migration in the Francophone world?
  • What up-to-date and quality resources are available for educators and students?
This site seeks to foster critical reflection on questions of national identity, displacement and belonging as experienced in Francophone contexts and encourages collaborative inquiry across disciplines and institutions.

Created by Devan Baty, Associate Professor of French at Cornell College


* This site was inspired by Dr. Baty’s participation in a Seminar in Advanced Interdisciplinary Learning (SAIL), funded by a generous grant from the The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, held on site in Amman, Jordan in July, 2015: Sustainability on the Margins: Investigating Adaptation and Change in Jordan.  More detail about that seminar can be found here.

* Dr. Marcela Ochoa-Shivapour, Professor of Spanish at Cornell College, created a partner site that provides curricular resources on migration and immigration in a global context.

* Many thanks to Brooke Bergantzel, Instructional Technology Librarian at Cornell College, for assistance with this site.