Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and students are encouraged to apply by or before the following deadlines (or deadline listed for specific site) to be considered for summer funding.

Priority Deadlines: January 29, 2020 (for existing sites, check individual posting)

Final Deadline: March 19, 2020(proposed sites)

Academic year applications should be submitted 60-90 days prior to internship start date. Early applications are encouraged. We understand that many programs may not have notified students of acceptance until later in the spring, so applications received after deadlines will be accommodated when possible. Fellowships will be awarded on merit on a first-come, first-served basis.

Opportunities listed below are based on previous site placements and are eligible for application. These sites are open to considering candidates as long as an open position is available. Position availability may not be determined by the organization until a date closer to the time frame listed under each opportunity and acceptance for a Fellowship is not final until the hosting organization confirms acceptance of the proposed candidate.  Descriptions are an indication of what previous Fellows have done at that site and are subject to change without notice. Placement at each site is dependent upon timing, availability of funds, applicant fit, and the needs of the Fellowship site.

In addition to these eligible sites, students may propose a new fellowship site or request Cornell Fellows funding to offset costs associated with an established, high-level internship program they have found on their own, see PROPOSE YOUR OWN below. Access the Cornell Fellows application guidelines or contact Rsullens for more details.


Organization: Beyond the Bomb

Location: Washington, D.C.

Timeframe: Fall Semester 2019

Deadline: ASAP

Beyond the Bomb is looking for a dependable, enthusiastic intern to provide outreach, campaigning, and administrative support in our Washington, DC office. This is a semester internship with the opportunity for extension. 

The Job

In this position, you’ll report to the Executive Director, Partnerships Manager, or National Field Organizer on a variety of projects for our campaign to prevent nuclear war. This role is ideal for a curious self-starter who can adapt quickly to changing circumstances and shifting priorities. You will bring to the table prior volunteering or activist experience, high attention to detail, and strong communication skills. This is a terrific opportunity for paid hands-on experience at the intersection of foreign policy, advocacy and culture shift. 

The campaign intern will be responsible for a selection of the following key activities: 

  • Field Organizing: Support our field staff in organizing and resourcing our volunteers to take our campaign to the streets. Help with phonebanking, candidate bird dogging, creating materials, and other activities as needed. 
  • Campaign Strategy: Powermap targets & stakeholders by researching their personal, electoral, legislative and political backgrounds. Research target districts, states, and ballot initiatives. And, collect helpful research and insights from various allies & resources. 
  • Content Development: Draft clear, concise and engaging content for the Beyond the Bomb blog that translates complex nuclear weapons issues into engaging narratives to help us build our movement (it’s ok, you don’t have to be an issue expert to do this) 
  • Special Projects: Sometimes cool opportunities to mobilize a big crowd or raise a lot of money cross our desks. We’ll need your help to make it all happen. 
  • Records Management: Update and maintain database/information systems, utilize CRM, track communications. 
  • Admin/Logistics: Provide ongoing administrative support, including scheduling, travel arrangements, and event planning. 


  • Have an academic background in international affairs, sociology, communications, or a related field;
  • Are intellectually curious by nature and have a knack for solving puzzles; 
  • Are highly organized and occasionally (OK, frequently) described by your peers as “a tiny bit obsessive” about details; 
  • Can communicate clearly and aren’t afraid to ask questions; 
  • Can multitask like a boss and keep cool under pressure; 
  • Aren’t spiritually crushed by data entry and phone banking; 
  • Are ready to turn out to all sorts of progressive rallies, marches, sit-ins, vigils, press conferences, etc., with sunscreen, signs, and your yelling voice, 
  • Don’t necessarily know what powermapping or bird dogging are, but are ready to learn, and 
  • Are willing to sit back seat middle if necessary and carry at least 35-pound buckets of campaign chum. 

Bonus! Do you have other skills that we should know about? Here are a few things we think are great but not required: 

  • Familiarity with WordPress and/or Action Network; 
  • Phone banking Ninja 
  • Spanish language proficiency; and, finally, 
  • Moon walk with panache. 

We’re committed to building a diverse and inclusive movement and recognize that’s impossible without first building a diverse and inclusive team. We welcome applications from all, and especially encourage women, people of color, people with disabilities, immigrants, refugees and LGBTQ people to apply. 

We can’t wait to hear from you! 

To Apply

Beyond the Bomb is building a nationwide movement with a scrappy team that consistently punches above its weight. That means every hire we make has to be outstanding. If that’s you, please send a cover letter, resume and writing sample to team@beyondthebomb.org with “I’m Ready to SMASH The Nuclear System” in the subject line. 


The Setup 

  • Full-time position with humane, but occasionally intense hours, including some evenings and weekends; 
  • Earnest, talented, compassionate colleagues to dig in with and learn from; and 
  • Free, endless, high-octane cold brew coffee. 


Organization: African American Museum of Iowa

Location: Cedar Rapids, IA

Timeframe: Summer or academic year depending on site needs

Deadline:  January 29, 2020,  Early applications and inquiries welcome

Description: The African American Museum of Iowa collects hundreds of archival, object and photograph collections each year.  The Collections intern will learn to navigate Past Perfect 5.0 software (collections management software, used by many museums) and process new accessions under the supervision of the Curator.  Intern will learn proper handling and storage techniques for diverse collections and, as needed, will be taught conservation techniques as well.

Working with collections is a time consuming task.  Intern will be working with fragile and irreplaceable items.  Attention to detail and patience are a must.  Previous collections management coursework or experience is preferred.


Organization: Children’s Hospital Colorado Center for Gait Movement and Analysis

Location: Aurora, Colorado

Timeframe: Summer 2020

Deadline: January 29, 2020 (Early applications and inquiries welcome)

Description: The fellow will work collaboratively with members of the Center for Gait Movement and Analysis and the Orthopedics Institute at Children’s Hospital Colorado on a variety of projects looking at ways child patients walk or performs certain functions related to walking. A specific project will be assigned to the student based on interest and work being conducted in the lab.Opportunities to work with patients, members of the Center’s staff, and practicing physicians in the hospital comprise the bulk of the fellowship experience. Individual assignments are subject to change.

Please contact mkendall@cornellcollege.edu for more information.



Organization: Center for Sleep Medicine, Mayo Clinic

Location: Rochester, MN

Timeframe: Summer 2020

Deadline: January 29, 2020 (Early applications and inquiries welcome)

Description: The student become familiar with analysis of polysomnogram (sleep study) neurophysiologic data by active participation in the Mayo Sleep and Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory. The student will initially become familiar with research techniques for analysis of cyclic alternating pattern (CAP) sleep microarchitecture and REM sleep without atonia (RSWA) in polysomnography. The student will then learn to apply these neurophysiologic techniques in analyses of humans with neurological and sleep disorders, and gain experience with experimental design and conduct in clinical research. There will be opportunities to regularly attend scheduled laboratory learning sessions and meetings, provide written assessments of their experiences reflecting self-learning, and depending on progress, the student may participate in analyzing and interpreting experimental data through the summer experience and, if applicable, participate in generation of future research abstracts and manuscripts.

Contact mkendall@cornellcollege.edu for more information.


Organization: University of South Carolina

Location: Columbia, South Carolina

Timeframe: Summer 2020

Deadline: January 29, 2020  (Early applications and inquiries welcome)

Description: The Fellow will be matched with a site on or near the University of South Carolina. Possible projects include research on pelagic fishes in the Gulf of Mexico, research on policies and practices related to environmental law, or sustainable seafood practices involving the seafood industry, tourism, and economics. Past Rogers Fellows have been placed with the Baruch Institute for Marine and Coastal Studies and at the South Carolina Aquarium.

Funding Available to Support for-profit entrepreneurship, free enterprise, and free market economics

Additional funding is also available from the Robert Bunting Experiential Learning Endowed Fund to support internships and conference participation in the areas of for-profit entrepreneurship, free enterprise, and free market economics.

These opportunities can include, but are not limited to qualifying submissions for:

Contact the Berry Career Institute if you have an opportunity that fits these categories.


Organization: TBD

Location: TBD

Timeframe: 8 weeks or more, summer or academic year

Priority Deadline for Proposals:  January 29, 2020 (early submissions are highly encouraged)

Final Deadline for Summer Fellowships: March 19, 2020

Description: Students can propose a fellowship site for consideration. Students utilizing this option must have applied and been accepted into a competitive internship program offered through a reputable organization (e.g., government agency, corporation, non-profit organization) or developed an internship opportunity directly with an organization that does not have a formal internship program with the support of a faculty member.

As part of the personal statement, the applicant should provide a brief overview of the organization, project, and site mentor for the internship. Applicants choosing this option must provide justification for financial support (i.e. the internship is an unpaid or low-pay opportunity) as an addendum to their personal statement; a draft budget outlining anticipated expenses with anticipated income is sufficient.

All applicants should consult with Rebecca Sullens prior to submitting their proposals to the Cornell Fellows Program to ensure it contains required elements in order to be considered.