Alondra Granados ’20

Alondra is a sociology and anthropology major with a minor in civic engagement from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Arthur Vining Davis Fellow in Legal Immigration Services

Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) | Baltimore, Maryland

Week 11:
A ‘KIND’ Farewell

August 2, 2019 | These last two days with KIND have been a little emotional for me. I have really been enjoying the work I have been doing over the summer and it is going to be such a change to not do it, to this extent, during the school year. My experience at KIND has been so full […]

Week 10:
All of the Good Boys

July 26, 2019 | I am upset to say this was my last full week interning at KIND. Throughout these last couple of weeks, my supervising attorneys and the other attorneys at KIND have taught me so much. From the work I have been doing on a day-to-day basis to the advice I have been given for my future, […]

Week 9:
The Rain is OVER! (unless I decide to re-take the LSAT)

July 19, 2019 | I had a restless night last Sunday because I was really nervous about taking the LSAT on Monday. On my way to the testing site, I could feel my heart beating out of my chest. The past seven months of my life had been dedicated to studying for this very moment and I could not […]

Week 8:
The LSAT is Coming

July 12, 2019 | Let the countdown begin, because this upcoming Monday is the day—LSAT, I am coming for you! As you can obviously see, I am a little excited to take the LSAT. Although this does not mean I am not nervous; I just feel ready. I have been studying since December of 2018, and I feel that […]

Week 7:
See You Soon LSAT

July 5, 2019 | It’s July! This week was rather short due to the holiday, but it was still a great week. This week, I was able to attend another court hearing and watch my supervising attorney go through court procedure. Being in a courtroom has always intrigued me. When I was on the mock trial team at Cornell, […]

Week 6:
I Thank You!!

June 28, 2019 | I was sitting down at my desk writing a letter to a client when I realized it is almost July and I cannot even begin to conceptualize how fast time has passed. Then, I began to think about the LSAT and realized that I take it in about two weeks—so unbelievable to think about! The […]

Week 5:
Yes, it is Political

June 21, 2019 | This week felt like it went by so fast and I honestly think it is because we had a lot going on in the office. One of my managing attorneys and I spent some time prepping one of her clients for a court hearing this week (it went great by the way) and we also held an […]

Week 4:
Thinking Ahead

June 14, 2019 | Man, oh man where do I begin? This week has been future thinking heavy. Having the opportunity to intern with KIND has really given me the opportunity to not only learn more about immigration law, but has also given me a tremendous space to think about my future career plans and goals. Even though I […]

Week 3:
It’s all in the Details

June 7, 2019 | This week has been filled with education, laughter and joy. Although I have felt a little home sick, I have been enjoying Baltimore. I was actually quite excited for this week because I finally finished training at the sushi restaurant. After six long days, the managers asked me to do a mock serving. It was a little nerve-racking, but […]

Week 2:
Marathon Across Baltimore

May 31, 2019 | This week has felt like I am running a marathon all over Baltimore—in the best way possible! I finally feel settled into my new environment and have had really full days. In between meal prep, the gym, LSAT practice, my internship—and oh did I mention I got a gig serving at a sushi restaurant?— I have not had […]

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