Jillian Schulte ’19

Jillian is a medical anthropology major from Naperville, Illinois.

Ringgenberg Fellow in Anthropology

The Field Museum | Chicago, Illinois

Week 8:
Finishing Up in Chicago

July 22, 2018 |   It has been 8 weeks at The Field Museum! Because I was involved in so many different pockets of the anthropology department and the garden research, I spent the entire week officially wrapping up. I finished everything from transcripts to fieldnotes and emailed both my supervisors and continuing interns. I also had an exit interview […]

Week 7:
Headed to the Market

July 15, 2018 |   This Saturday, I had a wonderful experience working with the gardeners from The Global Garden Refugee Training Farm. My fieldwork supervisor gave me a call and asked me if I could be a driver to the weekly farmer’s market. Four of the refugees at the farm had organized a booth where they planned to […]

Week 6:
A Part of the Harvest

July 9, 2018 | As the internship continues further into the summer months, I have been a part of many stages of each garden’s development. Early in the week, I was invited to partake in Hello Howard Community Garden’s Grow2Give plot harvest. These plots are maintained by the garden’s community, with all produce being donated to local pantries, groups, […]

Week 5:
Sprouting Themes

July 1, 2018 |   After this week, I am officially claiming the title of Coder. I have been working through all of the previously collected data, highlighting excerpts based on a set list of 120 themes. Each of the codes correlates to four major categories: Social/Health Benefits, Community Issues, Demographics, and Flora/Fauna. Some of my favorite codes have […]

Week 4:
Tending to Gardens and Databases

June 24, 2018 |   I am about halfway through the internship, and lots of activity has been happening at both the museum and the gardens. Now that it is officially summer for Chicago residents, the museum is filling up with summer camps, families, and tourists! When I am not navigating my way through the crowds of people, I […]

Week 3:
Weeding and Watering

June 17, 2018 | In the Gardens… I started my week by touring the Northside gardens with Professor Doane. She officially introduced to 6 community gardens, most of which are in Rogers Park. Hello! Howard Community Garden, Rogers Park Howard Area Community Garden, Rogers Park Garden on Jarvis Street, Rogers Park The Ruby Garden, Rogers Park GrowUptown Community Garden, Uptown Global […]

Week 2:
Meeting People and Plants

June 10, 2018 |   June 10th, 2018 Week Two was all about meeting people. Early in the week, I met with Christine Niezgoda, The Field’s curator of the Economic Botany Collection. Economic botany is the study of relationships between people/cultures and plants. The collection at the museum is extensive, including 12,000 specimens of plants that have been collected […]

Week 1:
Laying the Foundation for ‘Field’work

June 3, 2018 | Introduction to the Internship As a part of my Ethnic Studies Capstone Experience, I had the opportunity to work as an Integrative Research Intern at The Field Museum. Over a one month period, I worked extensively on the long-standing ‘Urban Gardening and Wellness’ project. The project aims to broadly understand how gardening, across several different […]