Andrew Havens ’17

Andrew is a politics major from Hickory Hills, Illinois.

Tomlinson Fellow in Representative Government

Congressional Office of David Loebsack (D-IA 2) | Washington, D.C.

Week 15:
Goodbye…….For Now

August 23, 2016 | Last week was my final week as an intern with U.S. Congressman David Loebsack. This has truly been the experience of a lifetime. I have done everything from meeting David Copperfield to visiting the U.S. State Department. Last week was mainly spent finishing any work that I still had to do while also packing up […]

Week 14:
Wrapping Up

August 16, 2016 | This is my penultimate blog entry. With only one week left in Washington D.C. I have tried to make the most out of every opportunity. While my work last week was largely the same, with giving tours of the Capitol and logging correspondence for our office, events outside provided for some very interesting opportunities. Last […]

Week 13:
Looking to the Future

August 9, 2016 | The end of last week meant that I only had two more weeks left in D.C. to learn all that I could. This learning, like always, was done both during and after my job. While the work I did at my job tended to stay constant from week to week, there are always new tasks […]

Week 12:
The Phantom Invades D.C.

August 1, 2016 | Last week started with the realization that my time in Washington was quickly coming to an end. It has been a wild ride for the past three months, with me doing everything from seeing the Dalai Lama to asking David Copperfield if hypnosis would be considered along with magic as a national art form. There […]

Week 11:
Face to Face with History

July 23, 2016 | Last week was fairly typical in my fellowship. I was tasked with answering the phones as well as logging constituent mail and giving tours of the Capitol to constituents who came in. Nothing was any different until the weekend. Since I have always been a student and lover of history, with a special love reserved […]

Week 10:
Another Flag at Half Mast

July 16, 2016 | Last week was very hectic at the office of Congressman David Loebsack. With Congress about to be in recess for a number of weeks, there were still a number of things that both parties wanted to have considered. One of these major proposals was the implementation of gun control policies like the so-called “no fly […]

Week 9:
A Celebration, A Life Changing Event, and A Tragedy

July 9, 2016 | Last week was very busy at Congressman David Loebsack’s office. The week started on Monday with a day off due to the 4th of July. I decided to go all out on the 4th of July and celebrate it how one should in Washington D.C. I watched the parade going down Constitution Ave. seeing floats […]

Week 8:
Preparing for the 4th

July 6, 2016 | Last week was primarily focused on preparing for the festivities on the Fourth of July. All of Washington D.C. was abuzz with anticipation for the fireworks and parade that would take over this great town. I was asked to go with the other interns from the Iowa Congressional Offices and help out at the announcement […]

Week 7:
Tears of Both Joy and Grief

June 26, 2016 | Last week was my 8th week in Washington D.C. I cannot believe how quickly this time has gone by and that I still have over another month and a half left before I head home. Last week was filled with doing what I have been doing the entire time. I was tasked with answering phones, […]

Week 6:
A Special Sighting

June 19, 2016 | Last week for me started, as it did for most Americans, still struggling to comprehend the horror that had taken place in Orlando just the day before. As I was walking towards work, however, I was happy to see that each of the government buildings I passed had lowered their flags to half mass in […]

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