Week 3:
Collecting Memories

International Fellow in Elementary Education

Holy Family Junior School | Ennis, Ireland

November 11, 2018

After my mid-term break in Germany, it is great to be back in Ireland. The week has flown by, and I cannot believe that I have been in Ireland for three weeks now. I am grateful to continue experiencing multiple classrooms and grow as an educator within my school placement.

From the five-acre field bought in 1958 to the opening of Holy Family School in 1965.

This week, I was given an opportunity to teach a Religion Lesson, which was a first for me. Teaching this lesson was very interesting and such an honor, as Holy Family is a Catholic School and Religion is a part of their everyday curriculum. Having the trust of the classroom teacher to take over the class for this lesson is something I will forever be grateful for. After planning and guidance, the lesson went smooth, and I enjoyed hearing the students reactions and responses. As Religion in public schools is not apparent, I feel my experience in Ireland at a Catholic School will help shape me into a more diverse educator.

As my daily schedule and room involvement changes at Holy Family, which is helping me stay flexible and see a wide variety of teaching methods. I enjoy being able to go into different rooms and lend a helping hand where it is most needed. From teaching lessons on my own to working hand in hand with the main classroom teacher and individual students who need assistance, I have benefited as an educator each and every day.

Dublin, Ireland- Kilmainham Jail

After a week back in Ireland, my family arrived in Dublin and it has been wonderful having them here to visit. On Friday, I took the Dublin Coach from Ennis to Dublin to meet them at the airport. I would recommend using the Dublin Coach to anyone looking to travel within Ireland.

Over the weekend, my family and I  averaged around 15,000 steps, which is equivalent to just over five miles of walking! We took a couple tours while in Dublin:

1.The Guinness tour: I would highly recommend this tour, there are seven floors of the building packed full of information and knowledge.

At the Guinness Storehouse, they have a floor designated to the different advertisements used over the years.

2.The Kilmainham Jail Tour: I would also highly recommend booking this tour as they explain the history of Ireland and major events throughout!

Cells in the Kilmainham Jail in Dublin, Ireland.
A woman- Grace Gifford who was imprisoned at Kilmainham painted this artwork in her cell. (This artwork has been repainted and is not original)

3. Trinity College and The Book of Kells: The Long Room is absolutely amazing, a truly breathtaking experience of over 200,000 books.

The Long Room in The Book of Kells at Trinity College

While in Dublin, we also went to the iconic Temple Bar. This is a must see and I would recommend making the trip to anyone that is traveling in Ireland.

Overall, Dublin is much larger and has more tourists than Ennis. This was a wonderful experience and I was able to learn a lot more in depth about the history of Ireland while in Dublin, but I have to say, I am happy to be back home in County Clare.

Check back for updates on week four!

Tegan Shelton '19

Tegan is an elementary education major from Spring Grove, Illinois.