Week 7:
Loving This Madison Life

Cornell Fellow in Sociology & Community Outreach

O'Keeffe Middle School | Madison, Wisconsin

January 27, 2019

This week I was able to explore a new area of Madison. I took the bus to the Capital and walked around the shops on State street. Last block, my bus route went past the capital every day, but I never spent a lot of time wondering around. It was the day before the UW students went back to class so everyone was bundled up carrying red book bags.

I also met up with Alex DeSena, a Cornell alumni who is living in Madison. I went over to her apartment for game night. She is working at a non-profit called Briarpatch Youth Services, which does a lot of restorative justice work.  It was great connecting with another Cornelian who is doing similar work. Being in Madison has been great for making connections and confirming my post graduation plans. Moving to a new city can be intimidating, and having the opportunity to live here for two months has been great to quiet those fears. I was also questioning if taking a break from school was the right decision and being at O’Keeffe has confirmed how much I like working in this field. I really like working with people and I am excited to be looking for a job in social services/community outreach in May.

Despite the winter, my office is still sunny!

We have had a very snowy few days, so after work I have been hibernating in my apartment. On Wednesday we had a snow day and I worked from home. I talked to Jamie, my O’Keeffe advisor, and because of the snowpocolyps that is coming next week, we have modified some of my projects. I have re-scheduled some meetings for several days next week in hopes that if school is closed one day we will still be able to meet. Projects like filming interviews to make a fundraising pitch are a little less realistic with the impending weather. Now I am focused on projects like finding black-owned businesses and creating a field trip itinerary.

This week I have been doing a lot of data entry and data analysis. Nothing too exciting but I love being in the school environment. There is never a dull moment and my favorite part of the day is the last half hour of the day. Everyone in my office is usually exhausted so they use the time to de-brief about what happened that day. They talk about how they can improve their practice and better serve their students.

Madison Evans '19

Madison is a sociology major and art history minor from San Francisco, California.