Week 6:
Back to Madison

Cornell Fellow in Sociology & Community Outreach

O'Keeffe Middle School | Madison, Wisconsin

January 18, 2019

I got to Madison on Jan 10th and moved into a cute apartment on the east side. The apartment is an 8 minute walk to O’Keeffe and close to shops, a grocery store and beautiful walks around the lakes. I had fun the last week walking around and experiencing the neighborhood that the O’Keeffe students live in.

A cold winter Wisconsin walk

This week I was getting re-adjusted to being back at my internship site, setting up new projects and continuing those I was working on over block 3. I am continuing to work on finding a corporate partner, creating an assets map, and following up with the survey data. I have been working on new projects like social media, filming short fundraising pitches and researching for a field trip budget proposal. I think that having social media skills is highly desirable in today’s job market so this is a great opportunity to cultivate those skills and have something professional to show potential employers. Creating a budget is also a great skill to have. Although I created a budget for the Fellowship program, I am excited to take what I learned to the next level and create a preliminary budget for 14 people for a 4 day trip to DC or other big city.

The field trip would be funded by the Madison Police Department from a grant that they received from an organization called Version. The police department has been using this funding to work with at-risk youth at O’Keeffe to build relationships and bridges. They have an improv group that meets every week and they want to use some of the funds for educational experiences. In the meeting between the officers and O’Keeffe staff, they decided that DC would be too much on many levels (cost, distance, etc), but they are planning to take a trip to Chicago. Even though my budget and research for D.C. won’t be used, it was a great experience to continue practicing creating budgets.

Career Update:

Over 4th block I applied to a job at Common Wealth Development, a non-profit close to O’Keeffe that I met with during my internship. They do wonderful work around equity and working with youth, similar to the work I have been doing at O’Keeffe, which is why I applied even though they are hiring now.  This week I got a call back from them! They said that they were very impressed with my resume and encouraged me to check back in once I graduate. They even said that if they didn’t have an open position, they would help me find other organizations in the area that are hiring. I was very happy to hear back from them, they went above and beyond to contact me. I know it’s connections like these that improve your chances of getting your first job out of college, especially one related to your major. It’s opportunities like these that make the Cornell Fellows program so important to career readiness, professional development and life after graduation. This week I was reminded how grateful I am for this internship experience and everything that the fellowship program and the Berry Career Institute have done for me this year to help me have my Cornell College success story.

Madison Evans '19

Madison is a sociology major and art history minor from San Francisco, California.