Week 5:
Continuing work from campus in Block 4

Cornell Fellow in Sociology & Community Outreach

O'Keeffe Middle School | Madison, Wisconsin

January 11, 2019

My time at O’Keeffe was put on pause so I could return to Cornell for my Senior Seminar (a graduation requirement). This class gave me the opportunity to work on a project and I chose to continue tasks I was working on at O’Keeffe. I dove into building a database to house the information I found about local businesses in O’Keeffe’s district. This information was apart of the assets map that O’Keeffe wanted me to make. I created code words and wrote descriptions for each business so it would be easy to look up information. I included phone numbers, emails and other practical details. It was very helpful to have time away from O’Keeffe to finish this project because it leaves more time while I am physically in the school to work on projects that require in person interactions.

I was also able to finalize and submit the grant proposal that I worked on. Jamie and I finished the final touches to the video and filled out the short application. We heard back on January 8th that they received our grant application. They explained that they announce a grant recipient every month between January and June, so we are patiently waiting until we hear back.

I am looking forward to my return to O’Keeffe Middle School on January 14th! I have already spoken to Jamie about new projects I will work on and those that I will continue. The next month will be packed with great professional development and interesting projects!

Madison Evans '19

Madison is a sociology major and art history minor from San Francisco, California.