Week 9:
Love is Love is Love is Love

Slater Fellow in Acting & Performance

Creede Repertory Theatre | Creede, Colorado

July 13, 2019

Creede Pride 2019!This week, the small town of Creede celebrated Pride. Now, this is very exciting because they’ve only been celebrating for about five years now; although, still with slight hesitation from locals and local businesses. However, we all know how hard change can be, it’s still a work in progress in Creede, which is a great place to be right now. The greatest message that the leaders of the Pride celebration wanted give to the community of Creede, was that (as said by my friend MJ Rawls,) “Everyone deserves to be their most authentic selves without judgement” and to be loved and respected for it. To understand that, they didn’t want to celebrate Pride just to flaunt their sexualities, but to educate everyone, and to celebrate who they are as people, to show love to one another; love that is so often rejected and taken away from them, just because of who they are. Pride is love; love for yourself, and love for one another.

Pictured (right to left): Brady (actor), Sasha (Wardrobe), Morgan (Wardrobe), Me (actor), Amanda (Props)
Pride dancing!

The Pride celebration started early with breakfast and a church service. After that, there was a big parade! There were many people from the community who came out to be a part of the parade with us, and to watch the parade; it was so beautiful. In my last blog, I briefly touched upon how my favorite part of the Fourth of July parade was the puppy float, well, this time, in the Pride parade, I actually got to ride ON the puppy float!!! I was so in love.

This sweet little guy loved to cuddle
The Puppy Float! I’m in the far left of the pic, in the truck’s trunk with 4 of the larger dogs!

After the parade ended, I got offered a job to work at the shelter where the puppies stayed, as an assistant. We then had a really big BBQ, and got to spend a couple hours just visiting with one another, and even meeting new people who came to celebrate with us. I met a really nice lady by the name of Jessica, who works in pharmacy outreach and education, which is cool being that I’m interested in partaking in pharmacy work too. She travels regionally and educates people on the dangers of opioids; she does much of the same work that the Rotary club at Cornell does too, which I thought was cool.

This is Jessica who works in pharmacy outreach and education and I at Pride BBQ
We were all so obsessed with baby Edie, dressed up as a unicorn.

After the BBQ, I attended Pride’s open mic session. I learned so much about sexuality and gender roles, gender typing, and just a lot of the heartbreaking things that people have to go through everyday, strictly because of who they are, as if they have control over it. I could relate to a lot of what was said, not because I am a part of the community, but because of my experiences as a black female living in America. There was an overwhelming amount of talent in the room; my friends and Creede locals, performed songs, instrumentals, poems, an told stories. I did something super scary, and performed an original, unfinished, song of mine; surprisingly I don’t regret it either.

Open Mic!

After open mic ended, it was getting pretty late and I headed back home, while others enjoyed a crazy lip sync battle and ended the night partying at Tommys (a bar and restaurant in town). Overall, it was just a super amazing day for everyone. My first Pride ever was a success!

Creede Pride Parade 2019

In the theatre, Little Shop is still running and thriving. As part of the Little Shop Trio, I feel like we are finally so comfortable doing the show, we don’t have to even think about our lines or harmonies. Everything is now locked into our muscle memory and all of our crazy harmonies are locked into place which is an awesome feeling.

Dressing Room with Alex (Crystal) and Katrina (Audrey)

Kayla Johnson '22

Kayla is a theatre and chemistry major with a minor in creative writing from Kankakee, Illinois.