Week 8:
“This is the fun job”

Slater Fellow in Acting & Performance

Creede Repertory Theatre | Creede, Colorado

July 7, 2019

Week 8!!

Opening song. Pictured: Alex (right ), Me (center), MJ (left)

The town of Creede has been so heavily packed with people this past week because of Fourth of July, and because of this, so has the theatre. Little Shop Of Horrors has had full houses and amazing audiences. We all have been having a ball on stage, performing and bringing other people joy while doing so. I love that about theatre, it’s a win- win situation for everyone (both performers and audience).

Cast (-2) of Little Shop of Horrors, we’re singing “Skid Row” here.

As we finished out this week of doing shows, I found myself thinking about the reality of what I am actually doing. You’d think that my reality would have already hit me, but surprise, two months later, and I’m just now starting to grasp everything. I’m performing everyday because it’s a job and just like any other job, you have to go to work everyday. Like other jobs, some days, you don’t want to go in because you are tired, or just woke up on the wrong side of bed. However, as my cast mate and friend, Alex put it, “This is the fun job, so work doesn’t actually feel like work”, but more like a recreational activity. With this being said, I have to consciously tell myself that this is not for fun (yes it is fun), but I have a really big responsibility to uphold. It’s a little scary to think about. Hundreds of tourists are here to be entertained and my job is to entertain them. They’re paying money to see professional shows and to be impressed. They are paying to have a good time and expect to get their money’s worth; I have to live up to that by being on my A game for every show, not messing up, and truly know what I am doing, whether I’m tired or having a not so good day, etc.

“Don’t feed the plants!” Pictured: Me (right), MJ (Center), Alex (Left)

This past week, I also had this wonderful opportunity to work with the Education Assistant Emily Diaz, in working at theatre day camp for young children aged 3 to 6. Anyone who knows me, knows I love babies and toddlers and I really do love working with them. Emily is so good with the kids and I really enjoyed watching her interactions with them. I assisted Emily in the camp by leading some warm ups and games, and just helping managing the super active little boys that were there. I learned that you should basically have your lesson plan or itinerary for the day memorized, and to stick to time limits that you set for yourself. I also learned to over prepare because children that young get bored fairly quickly. It was tons of fun and I cannot wait to work more camps in the next couple of weeks.

I have
I have no idea what we were doing here haha
Storytime with Emily, reading Olivia

The Fourth of July is the biggest, most exciting day in Creede. Literally on July 3rd, I woke up and there was like, 100 more people here than there usually is walking around town. Then, I woke up on July 4th and when I walked outside, there was like 4 times as many people here as there were the day before! There were tons of vendors out selling food, ice cream, FUNNEL CAKE, there was a huge mining competition going on (YES -mining!), there were so many little cute toddlers running around playing catch with each other, fireworks and, of course, there was a big parade that the company of CRT was in! CRT created a float to commemorate and honor the life of a Colorado playwright by the name of  Jeff Carey who left a huge, positive impact in so many lives in Creede. I was told he wrote a lot of the original plays for the KID Shows in Creede, most of which involved writing about pirates, princesses, and Zombies. So instead of dressing in Red, White, and Blue, for the parade, we dressed up as pirates, princesses, and zombies! It was so much fun. I got to ride in a float, throw candy, and princess wave to the cute little babies on the street. The parade also consisted of horses and my personal favorite, a float full of puppies.

4th of July Parade. Pictured: Brittni A. and I, CRT Mascot (the bear) and I, Jordyn C., Jax, and Deanna W.)

Kayla Johnson '22

Kayla is a theatre and chemistry major with a minor in creative writing from Kankakee, Illinois.