Week 7:
Lights Up!

Slater Fellow in Acting & Performance

Creede Repertory Theatre | Creede, Colorado

July 1, 2019

Week 7 has passed already, what the heck?

Taken on the last day of tech! (From right to left): MJ (Ronette), Jax (Director &Artistic Director of CRT), Me (Chiffon) and Alex (Crystal)

This past week has been exhilarating! Little Shop Of Horrors is officially open and running for the summer! We had preview night, opening night and will be performing show #5 in only a few hours!

Such a dope action shot! As you can see, I’m having the time of my life hahahah


I’ve learned that usually after opening nights of a show, the director is officially done and will leave to go work on their next directing gig. This is so different from educational theatre in which your director/ professor at school will stay for every show (of course the shows only run for up to 3 days). So when the director leaves, the stage managers will take over and make sure everything runs smoothly (and if needed) call rehearsals.

Pictured is: MJ (Ronette), Bill (Mr. Mushnik), Me (Chiffon), and Alex (Crystal)

Our shows so far have been going so well, we’ve had full houses (big audiences) with great energy, which truly help our performances. Everyone who runs around backstage during our runs (the assistant stage managers, wardrobe crew, and stage hands, sound) are so impressive. They know what they’re doing and they handle any and every problem that may arise during the run, with such professionalism and ease.¬† All of us in the show have super crazy, quick- quick changes and wardrobe crew always has our backs. I’m so thankful for them, without them, we’d never make our cues on time or have on clothes, period! Ha ha ha!


We love our costumes! (Right to Left: Me, MJ, Alex)

After opening night of the show, we had shop shots (which is just like a small party with snacks and drinks) and we danced for hours, and hours, and hours (like we didn’t have a show the next afternoon); it was the most fun I’ve had in so long.

Shop Shots! Since I’m underage, I’m holding up a paper plate filled with cheese
I’m constantly loving on my housemates. They’re just so cute. This is Jordyn and I at Shop Shots, opening night.

I honestly forgot how much I love acting and performing until preview night came and we had a full house. The energy in the theatre was so high and we got a standing ovation as soon as bows came! Having an audience, hearing them laugh, react, clap, makes all of the hard times in rehearsals (well, tech week) worth it.


Pictured: Me (Chiffon), Alex (Crystal), Dustin (Orin), MJ (Ronette)

As shows progress, I feel myself being very conscious of “maintaining”. By this I mean, we have 21 more performances for Little Shop¬†BUT every single performance needs to have the same energy as the first. It’s hard because you get so worn out and might I say, even a little bored doing the same thing 26 times, but for the people watching, you have to keep in mind that they may have never even seen the show before, so it needs to be fresh and new and energetic, just like the first time the show ran.

I feel like I am growing so much as a performer. I finally recognize the importance of warming up my vocal chords before I get to the theatre. I feel myself becoming more responsible and aware of vocal health and preservation. I’ve been able to retain my lines, blocking, and choreography a lot better than I used to and I actually feel very confident in what I am doing which is something new for me.My cast mates are so supportive when it comes to things like that. I love working with them because they just have so much experience and always have super helpful tips for literally everything. I love it here.

Pictured is: Alex (Crystal), MJ (Ronette), Me (Chiffon), and Katrina (Audrey)

Kayla Johnson '22

Kayla is a theatre and chemistry major with a minor in creative writing from Kankakee, Illinois.