Week 4:
Bop Sh’Bop, You’ll Never Stop The Terror

Slater Fellow in Acting & Performance

Creede Repertory Theatre | Creede, Colorado

June 7, 2019

Not being able to go to rehearsal was probably the hardest thing I’ve done here at Creede so far. Honestly, because everyone works at the theatre all day; it’s fun. My housing pod was empty, and so I sat in bed reminiscing about Peter, wondering, and hoping that I’d be allowed to perform with everyone soon. I waited for the call and or email from a doctor, or someone, to clear me so that I could get back to the theatre; time rolled on, and I missed preview night. The artistic and education director came to my pod and let me know that the best thing to do at the time, would just be to hold off on Peter (health reasons) ..so I missed opening night and well, all of the performances that have happened so far. I was pretty salty about it at first but now I’m just looking forward to staying healthy and safe for Little Shop.

This was taken at the first Little Shop read through. On the far right is MJ (playing Ronnette), in the middle is Alex (Playing Crystal), and on the left is me (playing Chiffon)

After spending four days in bed trying to heal from an injury at tech rehearsal for Peter and The Star Catcher, I’m finally up and moving around because Little Shop Of Horrors rehearsals have finally begun.

We had our first read through for Little Shop on Tuesday (Jun 4th) and it was so great. The cast is very diverse and their voices are out of this world. However; in the middle of rehearsal I started feeling really sick, then, I felt a fever coming on. Just my luck. I went to the clinic and found out I’m battling a virus but I’m determined to not get pulled from Little Shop because of my unreliable body.  I’ve been taking lots of meds, resting as much as I can and drinking lots of tea and water! Health comes first and so I am going to do everything in my power to stay ahead of this.

Oh, I just love food and well, the food at ARPS (a restaurant in Creede) is pretty great. Featuring: Brian; the voice of the Plant in Little Shop. (His voice is chocolatey butter. You melt. You MELT!!)

After feeling better later in the week, I went hiking. I’ve never liked hiking because it takes a lot of strength and perseverance that I feel like I lack. But I went hiking. I went with my girl Brittni and I’m so thankful that she was patient with me and my, “I need a little break” and ” I think I’m gonna die”comments that seemed to come out of my mouth every 5 seconds. Looking back, I’m actually pretty pleased that I went; I got to release a lot of stress that I was feeling and it felt really good when we made it to the top (well… it was basically the top). I did something that I did not think that I could do. The mountains are so high, I felt like I couldn’t breathe, and I wanted to give up 50 million times; but I did it. Sounds familiar right?

I went hiking; I made it to the top… maybe not the tippity- top, but “a” top nonetheless.

This week, I also took part in something immensely scary for me.

Improvisational comedy.

I swore that I’d never do improv because it’s hard and because I can’t be funny like other people can. People expect improv to have substance AND to be funny and I don’t think my brain doesn’t work fast enough for all of that. But I actually did it. It wasn’t very good, but I dipped my toes in, and got my feet wet. CRT has an improv group called “Boomtown” and everyone who is part of it is super hilarious, brilliant actors, directors, playwrights, professors. People who want to take part in the improv group or just learn more about how to do it, can join what is called the “farm team”, which is what I decided to join. Going into the rehearsal, I told myself over and over that I would warm up with everyone, and then just watch. Well, the rehearsal started and I gave this scary improv thing a try. I came out learning my strengths and weaknesses and I’m pretty sure I will never do it again, not because it was a horrible experience; it was an awesome experience; it’s just not for me and my type A personality. At least I can say that I did it, and I’ll definitely step in to watch more rehearsals, because these people are so fun to watch.

I faced a fear of mine and did improv… in front of people!

This week I’ve gained two more bruises on my forearms from IVs, a lot more perseverance, a newfound  strength and power from within myself, that I did not know existed, and a new way to look at events in my life that may not seem very pretty on the outside, but have given me much wisdom, experience, and most importantly, tough skin.

Kayla Johnson '22

Kayla is a theatre and chemistry major with a minor in creative writing from Kankakee, Illinois.