Week 2:
“Getting to Know Youuu, Getting to Eat All of Your Foood”

Slater Fellow in Acting & Performance

Creede Repertory Theatre | Creede, Colorado

May 23, 2019

Rehearsals for Peter and the Starcatcher have been intense! This is Hagan (the other fellow) and I.This week has probably been one of the most tiring, overloaded, but rewarding weeks I have ever had. Rehearsals for Peter and The Star Catcher have been getting more and more intense being that the show opens next week. I have been given more responsibilities (lines and blocking) for not only this show, since I was recently asked by the director to be part of the ensemble on top of my understudy responsibilities, but also in Ripcord in which I get to play a Zombie Butler on top of my understudy responsibilities. Rehearsals for Peter and The Star Catcher and Ripcord have been overlapping each other this week, so I’ve been running back and forth between two different theatres, splitting my rehearsal time between them. This is something that I’m going to have to get used to doing because time waits for no one in repertory theater. Everyone has been working extremely hard this week but all of the dinner parties that we’ve had, have definitely made everything worth it.

My housemates and I having taco night! They were so good.

My house mates and I have so much food (because everyone is responsible for buying their own groceries), but we realized that our small refrigerator was not going to be able to hold all of our things; so we decided to have our own little dinner party. We made delicious tacos and invited some of our friends over to join us. It was a great time for bonding after a long day.

Monday, the entire staff at CRT threw us a potluck; everyone was invited and had to bring a dish (I made banana pudding). The potluck was so fun and the food was exquisite (which says a lot coming from a very picky eater like myself). There were a couple of lovely and hilarious speeches made by CRT members who’ve been working here for a while. I was able to meet many professionals and equity actors; everyone had to stand up and introduce themselves. Being around all of these people who made their passions into a living was very exciting. I was also able to meet a young woman by the name of Amanda Bentz who graduated as a Theatre major from Cornell last year and is also working here at CRT this summer!

CRT’s Potluck! I brought banana pudding; there was so much food.
This is Amanda Bentz ’18. She graduated from Cornell last year!

Wednesday, I went to another dinner party that the Education Director, Brittni Addison, threw for me and the other summer fellow, Hagan Oliveras. The point of this dinner was to get to know the CRT staff even better. Staff included in the dinner were Artistic Director, Jessica Jackson; Production/ Facilities Manager, Jacob Bannerman; Human Resources and Operations Director, Cassie Rhafir; Artistic Associate, Kate Berry; Education Director Assistant, Emily Diaz; Development manager Erin Yurkinas; my mentor and professional Actress, Caitlin Wise; Executive Director, John DiAntonio, and a couple others! They told their stories about how they’ve reached this point in their lives, and gave me lots of advice about my schooling and learning to be okay with not always being in control, how to be okay with failing, going with the flow, and so much more. They’re all so inspirational and living the life I hope to live one day. I am so thankful and appreciative to have been able to have that time to spend with them. I can’t wait for more of these dinners and getting to know everyone better! Week two has been a success!

Kayla Johnson '22

Kayla is a theatre and chemistry major with a minor in creative writing from Kankakee, Illinois.