Week 13:
It’s all Happy-Sad

Slater Fellow in Acting & Performance

Creede Repertory Theatre | Creede, Colorado

August 11, 2019

This week Brittni Addison (CRT Education Director), Graham Ward (CRT actor and ), and Emily Diaz (Asst. Education Director ), taught me about how to build resumes and websites for theatre. There are particular ways to format these things so that they will look appealing to an audience and/or casting directors. The fact that Brittni, Graham, and Emily were all speaking from the standpoints of themselves as directors, and professional actors who have been in the business a long time, it was comforting to me because I knew that the information that I was getting was very real, and very useful for me to know if I am going to continue in this field of work. They were telling me things about the formatting of resumes and websites that I had no idea even mattered. For example, a resume should be printed on 8×10 matte paper, not 8×11 regular card stock paper, and in addition to having your headshot on the back of your resume, it’s helpful to have a smaller headshot at the top left of your resume too. I also learned that you should always, always, always, put your name at the front and back of your resume. They also mentioned what casting directors look for on resumes and websites. If you’re auditioning for a specific role, you should edit your resume so that similar roles to the one that you are auditioning for, that you’ve done in the past, should be more toward the top of your resume. They also said that if your resume doesn’t fit aesthetically with other resumes (size, shape) in the director’s pile, you’ll automatically get thrown out. Some helpful tips to best represent theatre work that I learned was to make sure the website is very easy to navigate, and simplicity, sometimes, is better when it comes to uploading photos, videos, and listing all the things you’ve done.

Sean Thompson and I. You’ll learn who he is later.

There was a moment this week, that I really enjoyed. It was meeting Lori and her family. Lori is a really nice woman who comes to see the shows at CRT. She asked if she could make us dinner every Monday (our day off), and of course no one has a problem with that. Free food is the best food. We are all so delighted, and gracious for Lori and wanting to provide for everyone. So far she’s made us tacos and lasagna and her mother has made the most delicious, most comforting desserts. Spending time with them, eating their food, and swinging in their hammocks, had us feeling so blessed.

Walking Brittni’s cute lil pup.
More babysitting this week! This cute little gal’s name is Edie.

We had back to back performances of Little Shop this week; to know that the show is almost done is sad, but also such a great thing. Our audiences have been so energetic and responsive, which has made these last few shows such a joy to do. I got to meet Sean Thompson, a Broadway star and CRT actor alum, after one of our performances of Little Shop that he attended. Meeting someone who’s performed in so many high places, who was just a regular guy, with big dreams, and who worked at the theatre that I’m interning at, was so inspiring, as this entire experience has been.

Sean Thompson and I again. We took like 50 pics haha

This week, CRT’s Artistic Director, Jessica Jackson (Jax) left due to her moving out of Creede. It was a happy-sad moment for everyone. She worked here for 15 years and I can just look and see the impact that she’s had on everyone in the CRT full time staff, as well as part- time staff, and visiting actors. The Creede community loves her and will miss her greatly. I’m so glad that she allowed me to be part of her family this summer. Getting to know her has been a joy.

Jax and I. Gonna miss her lots.

Kayla Johnson '22

Kayla is a theatre and chemistry major with a minor in creative writing from Kankakee, Illinois.