Week 10:
“Wake up the Sun is Shining! We’ve got a lot to do today!”

Slater Fellow in Acting & Performance

Creede Repertory Theatre | Creede, Colorado

July 21, 2019

Week 10!!!!

This week has been super loaded with work for me and although I am completely exhausted, I can not express how happy and content my heart is.

Pictured: My baby sis LeeLee and I. She’d gotten so big since the last time I saw her

Last Saturday night I could not sleep because I knew that when the sun came up, my three most favorite people in this entire universe would be here to visit me; my grandma, my mom, and my baby sister, Leah. I picked them up from the Alamosa Airport and was so surprised to see how huge my baby sister had gotten. The excitement, the laughter, the tears, were very overwhelming I’m sure, for everyone in that tiny little airport. I hadn’t seen my family since Christmas break because I went straight from school to this here internship, so seeing them was well overdue. That Sunday night, although everyone was extremely tired from their very long day of traveling, my family still came to see a Little Shop performance. They sat in the second row, and I was so surprised to see my antsy little, rambunctious baby sister, sitting quietly and watching intently at everything, the entire show. When I did this show in high school, my mom had brought my little brother with her to watch the show, he was two, a year older than Leah at the time, and she ended up having to leave early, because he was being too wild, and was also scared of the plant! Leah, who is only 1, and is usually always running around, being loud, and well being a one- year- old, sat up and watched the entire show, without a peep. I am still so amazed just thinking about it.

My baby sister, Leah and I

After the show, my mom met the cast and some of my favorite Creede locals, then my super dope housemate drove us back to the hotel where they stayed during their time here. While they were here, time was always of the essence because after Monday (the company’s day off), I would have a very, very busy week, and we wanted to spend as much time together as we could before that happened and then they’d have to leave. Because of this, I spent the night with them at the hotel and Monday, we spent all day together, going on walks, shopping, and driving around Colorado, admiring it’s beauty. Of course the day flew by, and it was night time again. We stopped by a Mexican restaurant called Ramons’ before heading back to the hotel for our last dinner together, until I see them again in December. The next morning, I had to head back into Creede because I was to work a weeks worth of theatre camps for the kiddos, but planned with my fam to have lunch together before they left.

My family came to visit me! Pictured: My mom holding my baby sister, Leah, my grandma, and me


I worked the Musical Theatre Camp with Andy (Little Shop Of Horrors Music Director) and Bethany (Little Shop Of Horrors Choreographer) who got to join my family and I for lunch (upon my request)! Bethany and her husband Graham (who is also a member of the CRT acting company) brought their daughter Edie (also upon my request, because she’s so cute and the same age as my little sister). It brought me much joy and comfort to have my favorite people surrounding me, while also holding my two favorite baby girls on my lap.

Holding my favorite babies, Leah and Edie!
Grandma and I. She gets me like no one else in this world. I couldn’t ask for a better one. She really is the best, most kind, loving, human on the planet.

Working the Junior Musical Theatre camps with Bethany and Andy was SO FUN!! It was a three day camp, we had incredible, talented, energetic, and lovable students between the ages of 4 and 8. The goal of our camp was to teach students how to work as an ensemble, how to act through song, execute simple movements, perform, and improve mechanics of singing. In doing this we played lot’s of focus based games, ensemble games, did lots of warm-ups, tongue twisters, drawings, music lessons with Andy, and of course loads and loads and loads and loads of Freeze Dance. By the end of camp, the students performed a song with movement called “When I grow up” from Matilda, for their families.

Musical Theater Camp! Pictured: Jazzy (a camper), me (Camp instructor Assistant), and Andy (Camp Instructor and Musical director)
Musical Theatre Camp. I worked as a teaching aid! To my left is Andy (One of the camp instructors and Little Shop Of Horrors Music Director)
Our camper’s favorite game was freeze dance! Pictured: Our campers, Andy (One of the camp instructors), Bethany (Camp Instructor), and I (Camp instructor’s Assistant/ Aid)

In doing this camp I learned how to create theatre games on the spot, I built stamina (after camp, I had an hour break before having to get ready for Little Shop performances in the night); I practiced working with abrupt changes of plans if needed, and the fast pace of everything. After this camp ended on Thursday, I got to work another Action Story Time Camp with Emily Diaz and this time, felt overly prepared and well equipped.

In the theatre, we finished out Little Shop show #16 and now most of us have an entire nine days off! I have a friend from home that’s coming to visit and I can’t wait to see her!

Little Shop show #15! Pictured: Dustin (Orin) and I (Chiffon)

Ps: Oh and if you’re wondering, the title of this post is dedicated to my grandma. She used to sing this song to me every morning, when I was small. It fit so well, given the crazy week.


Kayla Johnson '22

Kayla is a theatre and chemistry major with a minor in creative writing from Kankakee, Illinois.