Week 3:
Protests and Signatory Bios

Cornell Fellow in Political Science

Global Zero | Washington, D.C.

August 19, 2018

This week has been bookended by unintentional visits to the White House (once for a protest and once because I was lost), while being busy with projects for Beyond the Bomb and Global Zero in between.

Selfie outside of the White House.

While in the office, I have been busy with uploading photos and biographies of Global Zero signatories, as I referenced last week. With hundreds of military officials, political and civic leaders, and national security experts to compile and list on the website, it has been my job to do a final check. This requires me to put my internet sleuthing skills to the test and dig up any information on the signatory that might be controversial or conflict with the values of the organization. After doing this for a handful of days, I really feel like a private investigation company or the CIA might value my diligent work. I have also been tirelessly plugging away at contacting congressional candidates and their campaigns about endorsing No First Use. Tracking and contacting primary winners will be an ongoing project of mine for the duration of my internship, as every state has their own date set for the primary election, while some decide not to hold one at all! Working on this project has allowed me to learn about the differences in congressional elections that vary from state to state, as well as learn how political values and priorities differ regionally, which is actually extremely fascinating.

Additionally, Beyond the Bomb has been busy putting the finishing touches on planning for our Action Corps Action Lab weekend that takes place on the weekend of the 25th and 26th. Action Corps leaders from all over the country will be joining us in D.C. to work on honing their organizing skills and learn how to become the most effective activists that they can be, all while campaigning against nuclear war. I am very excited to be a part of this event, see how things go, (as this has been a major project for the BTB team for quite a while) as well as learn along with those attending the training weekend.

Meet Asher, a sweet dog that comes to work every day with his owner and likes to try and share my lunch with me.

Outside of the office, I have been challenging myself to step outside of my comfort zone by taking advantage of my time in this beautiful city and appreciating all of the unique things that happen here. This includes attending an enormous counter-protest in response to the Unite the Right rally, slowly making my way through my mile-long list of museums and locations to visit, eating dinner and catching up with a dear friend, going to too many coffee shops, and joining a gym. So far, I have really enjoyed my time here as I’ve acclimated to the area and pushed myself to embrace new experiences.

A portion of the “No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man” art exhibit in the Renwick Gallery.

Isabel Light '19

Isabel is a politics major from Mount Vernon, Iowa.