Week 4:
I’ve Got This

Global Zero Fellow in Communication and International Policy

Global Zero | Washington, D.C.

July 25, 2017

I’m at the halfway point in my internship, and yet I feel like I just arrived here last week. While I’m certainly more put-together than I was when I flew in June 26th, my list of activities and museums I want to see is still fairly long – I’ve barely scratched the surface! Extracurricular activities aside, I have finally hit my groove at Global Zero, figuring out what needs to be done on projects and where my experience can be best utilized by the team.

From Policy to Field – trying a bit of everything

This week I’ve been busy helping organize and compile resources for this year’s group of Action Corps recruits – everything from ensuring spreadsheets are present for each city and/or college the Action Corps leaders are from, as well as updating contact lists for other non-government organizations in cities where trainings are held. I’ve been working with both John Quo here in D.C. and Yasmeen Silva – the GZ field team organizer based in California – making sure they have all the information they may need for the fall.

Chance and I coordinating efforts for Action Corps and Town Halls.

I also assisted our policy team in updating the biographies of the Global Zero signatories – individuals ranging from Nobel Peace Prize winners to former prime ministers who have pledged themselves to the Global Zero cause. It was a bit of a scavenger hunt for some of the individuals, but I really enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about the people who are helping to push forward Global Zero’s agenda on the international stage. From actor Matt Damon to former president of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev, Global Zero has an eclectic but formidable group of allies joining them on their mission.

Life lessons

I am continuing to update our media tracker daily with articles surrounding nuclear developments, pulling articles and opinion pieces from news sources all over the world. This week, in particular, some of theĀ opinions pieces comprised of statements that are on the opposite side of my personal beliefs. As an aspiring journalist who desires to present my readers with all sides of the equation, it was interesting to notice how quick I was to judge these articles, rather then reading them to better understand both sides of the issue. Hopefully, I can take this experience and use it to broaden the way I view issues, and really work on not letting unconscious biases or a reluctance to see the other side impact the way I understand relevant issues.

All Play and No Work…wait, that’s not right!

Chace and I discussing our next project outside the GZ office.

If you’ve been reading Chace’s blog, you’ll have noticed that the “Intern Squad” is a thing that has recently happened over the past couple weeks. Chace, Emily (an intern from Amherst College in Mass.), and I have made an effort to do something every day during our lunch hour. It gets us out of the office (or at least out of our chairs) and gives us a chance to get to know one another outside of the work environment. We’ve played shuffleboard in the common area, gotten donuts for the office, and, most recently, went to the pizza place on the corner to enjoy some Nutella pizza – if you’ve got a sweet tooth, this is certainly a pizza for you!

Nutella Pizza!!!

On Saturday, I avoided the heat by hanging out outside with my AirBnB hosts at a barbecue they were having with some of their friends. I got to meet some of their former AirBnB residents, as well as get a taste of what my summer weekends will potentially look like in a couple of years, once I’m finished with school and started in on whatever career I may get to. Saturday evening, I had the opportunity to attend Rodgers and Hammerstein’sĀ The King and I at the Kennedy Center. It is a really beautiful building, and although I was in whatever the theater equivalent of nosebleed seats are, I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. It felt like the perfect celebration of being halfway through my adventure in D.C.

My balcony seating in the Opera House at the Kennedy Center.
The balcony overlooking the Potomic River at the Kennedy Center


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