Week 3:
Now I’ve Got My Feet Under Me

Global Zero Fellow in Communication and International Policy

Global Zero | Washington, D.C.

July 16, 2017

Having made it through my third week here in D.C., I think I can safely say that I feel like I am getting somewhere. I’ve figured out my commute (including arriving at work on time instead of 30 minutes early), understand what I am doing at Global Zero, and have begun to explore the areas both around where I work and where I live. On Sunday, while walking around downtown Silver Spring, I stumbled upon a street market selling beautiful Ethiopian outfits, listened to street musicians playing some traditional Indian instruments, and sampled some pad thai at a street vendor’s cart.

High Ho, High Ho, It’s Off to Work I Go

It did take me a couple of weeks, but I finally figured out my commute. My AirBnB is in Silver Spring, one of the suburbs in the D.C. area, and Global Zero is located in Adams Morgan, just a short distance away from the area around Capitol Hill. I use the D.C. Metro system to get from my home to work, and it has not been without a few missteps. While there is a metrorail stop a couple of blocks from Global Zero, the closest metrorail stop to my home is about a 30-minute walk. Thankfully, there is a bus that goes to the station, and one of the stops just 30 feet (according to Google Maps) from my house. My usual morning commute has me on the bus a little after 8, which takes me to the metrorail station to catch the red line from Silver Spring to Fort Totten. I transfer there to the Green Line, and get out at U-Street to walk the final couple blocks to WeWork, arriving at a timely 9:00. On the way home, I usually take the extra time to walk from the metrorail station, except the last couple days there was a bit of a heat wave (heat index Thursday and Friday was about 105 degrees), so I opted to take the bus home instead.

Some of the giant hibiscus flowers I pass on my walk home from work

While my commute is longer than the other two interns at Global Zero, I’ve really enjoyed getting to see all the different people who use the metro for their daily commute, and it has allowed me to do some reading – I’ll listen to audio books during the transit. It also gives me a chance to decompress at the end of the work day and have time to think about what I did that day or plan for the next.

WeWork, WePlay, WeFreeze

To give some context to that last one – WeWork seems to have decided that if it’s going to be 105 outside, it will be 32 inside. They have the AC turned up so much that people in the common areas are wearing sweaters and even blankets, although it’s hot enough outside to break into a sweat just waiting for the light to change.

WeWork’s mug with their inspirational message

This last week was the first week where I had five full days of work, and they were five very busy days. Monday was mostly making sure all the metrics for both the digital and field teams were in for their analysis, and then I began working on preparations for this fall’s Action Corps. Action Corps is Global Zero’s weekend retreat where they teach young adults how to be grassroots advocacy leaders. I continued my work from last week of updating community organizations in cities across the U.S. who may be interested in assisting Global Zero in their work, and am now in charge of Action Corps’ bi-monthly newsletter, giving Action Corps leaders updates on upcoming events, and highlighting different members and why they choose to join Global Zero. In addition, I’ve been busy at work updating the Action Corps website, which has been a quick learning curve for the new website platform, but I think I’ve got the hang of it now…I just really hope no one was trying to look at the site for about 20 minutes Friday afternoon, when I somehow managed to swap half the text around and had the wrong images in the right places…oops!

Notes from the website (trying to keep track of things!)

As I head into the halfway point of my internship, I’m looking forward to further exploring the areas around both my home and WeWork, and to see what the field team has to throw at me next!

Slack – the messaging service GZ uses to communicate, featuring the “intern donuts” office treat


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