Week 6:
A Special Sighting

Tomlinson Fellow in Representative Government

Congressional Office of David Loebsack (D-IA 2) | Washington, D.C.

June 19, 2016

Last week for me started, as it did for most Americans, still struggling to comprehend the horror that had taken place in Orlando just the day before. As I was walking towards work, however, I was happy to see that each of the government buildings I passed had lowered their flags to half mass in honor of the victims. That night while walking towards a train station, I saw perhaps one of the most powerful things I had ever seen. In front of me stood each of the 50 states flags, with each one being lowered to half mass. It was a very powerful image of national unity and shared remembrance.

While my week may have started off on a very serious note, I still had a lot of fun as an intern for Congressman David Loebsack. The greatest moment came on Tuesday while I was doing one of my daily jobs, giving a tour of the Capitol. As we made it into the Capitol Rotunda police officers and other guards said that we had to move over to a side of the rope line. I found this odd since before we always were able to go where we wanted, but I didn’t question it. As we made our way to our position the reason for the security became clear. Through the hallway came the 14th Dalai Lama, one of the most recognizable religious leaders on the planet. This was a huge thrill for me as it was for everyone else in the room since we had read for years about his peace activism and spirituality. He was only visible for a few minutes, and my main regret was that I was not able to get a better picture than the one that I did.


As the week went on, I realized just how lucky I was to be in the housing provided by the Washington Intern Summer Housing (WISH) program. Not only were they able to provide me with a great three room apartment that is the perfect size for a person living alone, but they are also always available to come and fix something if you notice that there is something wrong in the apartment. It also helps that they only placed me in a building that is only half a mile away from the Capitol. This allows me to walk to walk to work every day and get some great exercise.

The final thing that I did last week was go see some movies over the weekend. On Saturday I decided to take the DC Metro down to Bethesda, Maryland to go see Finding Dory. This was a sequel that people like me have been waiting over a decade for, and it was great to see all of my animated friends once again. On Sunday I also went to go see the Conjuring 2, a film about a haunted house in England. It’s a good thing that I was the only person in the theatre because there were some gasps and small screams coming from me.


Last week was a great week but I am sure that the next one will be even better. 13394071_1012399065534050_8165319185947596313_n

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Andrew Havens '17

Andrew is a politics major from Hickory Hills, Illinois.