Week 5:
Lightning Bolts and Fireworks

Mansfield Foundation Fellow in Social Psychology (In memory of Merlin "Pat" Dreibelbis '39)

Ft. Hays State University | Hays, Kansas

July 5, 2017

Wow, week five! Time sure does flys when you’re filling out IRB forms. It’s actually been kind of a slow week. Completing the IRB form was really all I had on my agenda for the week. There are still a few things I have to tweak here and there with the forms, but for the most part that’s all I’ve really been working on. Since my study isn’t a potential threat to my participants, I’m hoping that the board approves of my study sooner than later. If I can start collecting data while I’m still in Kansas, that would be awesome.

The free time I’ve had this week has given me a lot of time to study for the GRE and also time to think more about grad school in general. I actually had a nice talk with Dr. Hill about preparing for both the GRE and grad school. He told me that if I had any questions about either, he’d be glad to help. It’s reassuring to know that I can talk to my mentors about things other than research. If they weren’t so busy and traveling most of the time, I’d spend more time with them outside of research.

This was actually a lot easier to snap than I thought it would be.

I haven’t just been using all of my free time to be an egg-head…I mean scholar, I’ve also been trying to go out more and find some more treasures in Hays. So far I haven’t found anything new, but I can add “storm chaser” to the resume. There were two tornado warnings this week. I’m usually not one to try and find my way into Oz, but seeing that most people didn’t appear to be worried, I figured I might try and go out and see an actual tornado. Unfortunately (or luckily) I didn’t see any tornados, but I did manage to snap a really cool picture of lightning.  So I can now cross that off the bucket list.

Fireworks from the parking lot. Not a bad view

In my attempt to become more involved with the community, I ended up going out on the fourth of July to see the fireworks in the stadium parking lot. However, I really do wish I was home for the fourth. Since my mom’s birthday is the fifth of July, most of my family comes to Chicago to celebrate her birthday. Nonetheless, I did enjoy the show and not sitting alone in my apartment for the holidays. The weeks really are flying by though. I really want to make sure that I make the most out of this opportunity. So next week I am determined to find something new to discover in Hays.

So far this is my favorite place in Hays.
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Aaron Nealy '17

Aaron Nealy is a psychology major from Chicago, Illinois.