Week 2 – Follow the Red Brick Road

Mansfield Foundation Fellow in Social Psychology (In memory of Merlin "Pat" Dreibelbis '39)

Ft. Hays State University | Hays, Kansas

June 10, 2017

This week has been a pretty busy one for me and for my mentors. Apparently, this was the first week of summer classes for grad students, which meant that my mentors would be busy handling their students. Fortunately, the students were only on campus for this one week and would continue their classes online. As for me, I spent most of my time researching articles for each of my mentors. With my comprehensive background using EBSCOhost, this normally wouldn’t be a problem. However, I ran into a few snags with the Cornell online library. Luckily my mentor, Dr. Bonds-Raacke, was able to get me on the FHSU library system and I was able to continue my work. Dr. Hill and I weren’t able to meet this week due to his busy class schedule, but he did show me one of the research labs in the psych department where I could work in peace whenever I wanted, which is perfect because I tend to work better in quite environments. I’m looking forward to meeting with all of my mentors next week because we’re really going to start getting into the topic that I want to start my own research in.



An article I ran across while reading the magazine “Scientific American Mind”
The research lab I will be using from now on when I’m working on campus.

Even with all the time I’ve been putting into finding articles, I have managed to find time to engage in other activities. For example, I started going on morning runs. I’ve found that running around downtown Hays in the morning is really quite peaceful. The streets are completely empty, so I’m able to run on the red bricks which the city is so known for (kind of surprised they’re not yellow). Also, thanks to Dr. Bonds-Raacke, I am able to use the school gym whenever I want. I’m still exploring Hays and every now and then, I find something new that this town has to offer. Still, I think that if I want to get a true Kansas experience, I might need to travel outside of Hays. Perhaps I’ll take a visit to castle rock or even to Kansas City.

Downtown Hays at 6:20 in the morning (the building on the left is also where I go to get coffee and read sometimes)


Nealy professional headshot

Aaron Nealy '17

Aaron Nealy is a psychology major from Chicago, Illinois.