Week 4:
ADHD and Development Lab

Carhart Fellow in Clinical Psychology

ADHD and Development Lab, University of Iowa | Iowa City, Iowa

June 24, 2015

Same old, same old at the Iowa ADHD and Development Lab this week. This week I had only one visit, as my Monday visit had to reschedule due to issues related to their medication. As such, I had only one lab visit this week, which was bright and early on Thursday morning.

Look at all that archival data. It's only the tip of the iceberg!
Look at all that archival data. That’s only the tip of the iceberg!

Since Kelsey and I had finished organizing the archival data from collaborators at the University of Minnesota, I began entering the archival data into our data sets using SPSS on Monday since I had some time to kill, given that our visit had to reschedule. Entering the archival data was much easier to do, as the cognitive testing materials were already scored and standardized. Essentially, all I had to do for this project was to enter all the relevant data that was present. Unfortunately, there were plenty of files that were missing tons of important data. In fact, I have yet to see a single file with all the relevant data included. I am very curious to see how the missing data will affect the results of this study and the conclusions we will be able to draw. Admittedly, our methodology is slightly different than those of our collaborators at the University of Minnesota, however it can’t be denied this may present problems in the future. We will see.

On Tuesday, Dr. Nikolas and I had our weekly meeting where we discussed the progress of my fellowship, as well as where we want to go moving forward. We’ve decided that we will dedicate some of our time during our weekly meetings to discussing research articles that I find relevant to my interests. I think this will be a great opportunity to develop my research interests, as well as my career interests. During our meeting, she also gave me two books to read, one of which was coauthored by her graduate advisor at the Michigan State University. She sent me home with Dr. Bruce F. Pennington’s The Development of Psychopathology (2002) and Child Neuropsychology by Phyllis Anne Teeter Ellison and Margaret Semrud-Clikeman (2007). I haven’t even begun to read them yet, but I look forward to it!



My Thursday visit went quite well. Fortunately for me, the visit finished on time, which is a first (that rarely seems to happen). What I have noticed is that those visits that tend to go beyond the general time estimate, those are the visits where the participants actually do quite well on the neuropsychological tests. This is because most of the tests have certain rules attached to them (e.g. discontinue administration after two consecutive zeros). So, if the participant does generally well, we will end up spending more time on that test, ultimately taking more time for the testing battery in general. This is also reflected in the scores. It’s interesting to think about.

Next week will be interesting as it is a full week of visits, with every time slot booked with a participant. Let’s see how it goes!

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