Week 3:
ADHD and Development Lab

Carhart Fellow in Clinical Psychology

ADHD and Development Lab, University of Iowa | Iowa City, Iowa

June 17, 2015

All throughout this past week, we have been working tirelessly to implement the protocol and collect tremendous amounts of data. We are working practically around the clock, running participants seven days a week. Such is the research life. This week we have been testing adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and depression, mostly. We have yet to begin testing our control group, more than just a few.

I was finally able to lead two participants through the protocol this week. As could be expected, the protocol was rather difficult to implement in practice, especially under the time constraints. The preparation I had done during the previous two weeks certainly helped, but the participants were often as confused as we were initially when taking the tests.

The proceeding day of my first lab visit, which was on Tuesday, I was trained on entering our original data. From here on out, I will be in charge of entering the data from the lab visits of other lab members.

In addition, I organized archival data from collaborators at the University of Minnesota to prepare to incorporate data sets. Our current project is years in the making, so much of the data I organized was from as far back as 2011. There were several files that were missing important data, while others included reports from outdated programs. I’m curious to know how the missing data will influence our findings.

Beginning next week, I will begin incorporating data sets from the newly organized archival data Kelsey and I have been working on this week, in addition to the continued project of data collection and data entry. Until next time!

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Andrew Crow '16

Andrew is a Psychology and Philosophy major from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.