Week 2:
ADHD and Development Lab

Carhart Fellow in Clinical Psychology

ADHD and Development Lab, University of Iowa | Iowa City, Iowa

June 10, 2015

The second week of my fellowship went much like the first. I’ve spent most of my time while at the Lab practicing the experimental protocol. Things are going smoothly thus far, and I’m feeling more and more comfortable administering the neurocognitive testing battery each time I do it. Once you get the hang of it, it’s nothing time and practice can’t handle.

Historic Stuit Hall
Stuit Hall

After much anticipation, the Iowa ADHD and Development Lab was finally able to move to recently renovated Stuit Hall, where the Seashore Psychology Clinic is also located. The Seashore Clinic is the mental health clinic for which many students in clinical and counseling psychology receive their clinical training the first few years of their program at the University before internship. Stuit Hall is also home to several over laboratories in clinical psychology, including the Iowa Depression and Clinical Research Center directed by Dr. Michael O’Hara. A fascinating history of Stuit Hall can be found here. While the work to move the Iowa ADHD Lab was quite tiresome, it is an honor to be placed among other researchers in and practitioners of psychology – not to mention work in such a nice space!

New Lab office within Stuit Hall
New Lab office within Stuit Hall

On Tuesday evening, after a long day of moving from Spence Laboratories of Psychology to Stuit Hall, a number of us hung out at an interesting dive bar called Deadwood, just a block away from Spence Labs. Spence Labs, Seashore Hall, and Stuit Hall are on the corner of Iowa Ave. and Gilbert St., a few blocks from the Old Capital building and the Ped Mall, where there are several different restaurants and attractions that the University campus is known for. We had originally gone to participate in the trivia night events, but unfortunately went on the wrong night. To be fair, their Facebook page advertised Tuesday nights were trivia nights! We ended up hanging out at the bar and playing a trivia game that the bar had for their patrons (It’s still trivia, though not the trivia we were planning on). I was never very good at trivia, but I sure had a good time.

Meanwhile, we’ve begun the data collection phase of our project this week, where we are testing a sample of adults with ADHD, unipolar and bipolar depression, and adults with no history of a psychiatric condition. So far so good, as no major hiccups have occurred beyond what we could expect (like the protocol taking more like four hours to complete given the sheer breadth of measures we need to administer each participant). There is much to be done in this area. I was scheduled for my first lab visit on Friday, though unfortunately the participant had to reschedule due to an illness. Fortunately, many of our previous subjects have been very excited to participate in this research again, and we have received a great deal of interest from others from our advertisements. I can’t wait to see how things turn out!

Crow Professional Headshot

Andrew Crow '16

Andrew is a Psychology and Philosophy major from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.