Weeks Five and Six:
Teacher Created Materials

Norton Fellow in Accounting

Teacher Created Materials | Huntington Beach, California

July 1, 2015

I have continued to work with Vanessa in A/R during these two weeks. It’s getting easier and I’m getting faster in solving things. However, with greater power comes greater responsibility:

–          While before I was just mailing the invoices out, now I’m responsible for sorting the invoices and emailing them as well, since some clients want to get them via email instead. It would be really fast and efficient if we had a program or machine that automatically recorded the data based on the scanned version of the invoices, so that we didn’t have to manually enter the data ourselves. I and Sheila in A/P still do a lot of manual works, which is really time-consuming.

–          While before I was just keying in the checks into the database, now I’m responsible for sorting them, since some checks might be sent to the wrong address, some checks don’t have a signature, some are duplicated, or some are wrongfully paid for an invoice that is already paid before. I’m also depositing the checks into the bank, a task that requires carefulness and exact numbers.

I also make more calls to clients that owe TCM a bigger amount of money. These situations are more complicated with more possibilities: needing a voucher signature, damaged items, incomplete shipping, needing credit memo, etc. It’s been tough sometimes, but certainly it’s wonderful to hear “Oh I thought I paid that invoice. I will include it in today’s check run”.

Another project that I’m working on during these weeks is to update a daily Excel file for the Chief Operating Officer. It’s for keeping track of daily sales – whether the orders are entered to the system, are waiting for supply, are ready to be shipped, are on the desk and not entered, etc. It’s a simple file, yet a really essential one to keep track of all orders, not to lose any and lead to miscommunication between the departments and between businesses.

After two weeks working with Vanessa and Sheila, I feel that the Accounts Payable clerk has more work to do than the Accounts Receivable clerk. For Accounts Receivable, who owes us money? People who buy our products, of course! Now I’m only talking about TCM, a small-sized company, so our clients are mostly people, companies or schools who buy our books. Yet, for Accounts Payable, we owe money to a lot of types of companies or people. We owe money to companies that print books, to office supplies companies, to maintenance, to consultants, to gas stations, to airways, and so on. And thus there are many differences..

Some fun time with ducks and geese in the nearby park! Huntington Beach has a lot of parks, both big and small.
Some fun time with ducks and geese in the nearby park! Huntington Beach has a lot of parks, both big and small.
Going to the beach in the weekend...perfect time spent!
Going to the beach in the weekend…perfect time spent!
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