Week Seven:
Teacher Created Materials

Norton Fellow in Accounting

Teacher Created Materials | Huntington Beach, California

July 8, 2015

Since it’s the end of June, this week is mostly about month end. We are having the biggest sales month in TCM’s history! I’m amazed and happy to be working with TCM in its golden time. Invoices come out and checks come in in thick stacks. And thus, we have much more work to do: more invoices to send, more checks to be received, more inventory to be matched, more data to reconcile.

Throughout the week, I continue to help everyone including the Accounting Department and Rich. I help Sheila with matching the inventory, Vanessa with her invoices and checks, and Rich with his keep-track file. Everything went pretty smoothly, basically just with bigger data and bigger amounts:

  • When matching inventory, I found some invoices that are much, MUCH bigger than usual (for example, a one page invoice versus a 37 page-invoice). That’s because of the huge amount of orders that we received, and thus there’s one afternoon that I entered almost 400 lines of Excel for the inventories.
  • When I key and deposit checks, there are a lot more checks than usual and definitely in larger dollar amount. It doesn’t mean I have to be more careful, because we always have to be extremely careful whenever it’s related to numbers. However, it means more time is consumed by keying and depositing checks. But looking at those checks might make you happy.

I will talk more in detail about Rich’s keep-track file. After updating the file daily, I have more knowledge of how many types of orders there can be, at least defined in TCM:

  • An un-entered order: an order that is received, but not yet entered into the system
  • A future order: an order that is received, but the customer want to hold the order until some time in the future to be shipped
  • A back order: an order that is received, but we don’t have enough inventory in the warehouse
  • An order in picklist: the products are sitting in warehouse ready to be shipped

My job is to keep track of the orders based on reports from different departments: did this order go from un-entered to future order? Where does this amount go? And sometimes, there are orders that are split, half going to be shipped and half not. Therefore, keeping track of all orders and making sure every department is on the same page is essential for Rich and for TCM in general. One morning Rich found out about $60,000 dollars missing, and it’s simply because an employee from Customer Service forgot to enter it into the system.

It’s been a nice month end for TCM, and we felt we deserved the Independence Day break!

Fireworks in Huntington Beach on the Fourth of July.
Fireworks in Huntington Beach on the Fourth of July.
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