Week 1:
Teacher Created Materials

Norton Fellow in Accounting

Teacher Created Materials | Huntington Beach, California

June 1, 2015

For the first two weeks in Huntington Beach, one for settling down and get around and one with Teacher Created Materials–I have to say it’s wonderful!

1. The weather

You cannot complain about Huntington Beach’s weather this season. Before I came here, California had been going through a tough season without any rain, yet it rained the day I came. My host said that I brought rain to California – I’m proud. Beside two days of rain, the weather has been wonderful: cool enough to wear business formal to work, and hot enough to wear shirt and shorts to go out. The perfect weather makes you feel going to work/to the grocery store is a blessing!

2. The bike

I was worried about transportation before coming to California. I knew that California is such a big place and without a car, you cannot do much. But lucky for me, the house where I’m staying is just 12 minutes to work by bike, and I got to borrow a bike from my host. It’s awesome! You can feel the wind blowing, the chill air in the morning, and the best thing is you feel you have enough exercise for the day.

And yes, Huntington Beach is strongly bike-supportive as well.

3. The knowledge

I have to say I’ve already gained lots of knowledge in the first week in Teacher Created Materials.

Through the whole fellowship, I will be working with Teacher Created Materials’ Accounting Department. I will work with the whole accounting cycle: Accounts Payable (A/P), Accounts Receivable (A/R) and General Ledger (G/L).

For the first week, I have been working with Sheila in A/P. Accounts Payable is all about what our company owes, so that means I have been working with vendors statements, invoices, checks, credit cards payment, etc. For invoices that are of small amounts and from several companies, I will write code for the charge of the invoices (either office expense, marketing expense, and from/for who/which departments). Then I will check with Sheila and upload the invoices to SAGE, an accounting software. If the invoices are for large amounts and from one or two companies, I will put them in Excel files first and then upload to SAGE. From SAGE, Sheila will print out checks and then send them to the vendors. Sounds pretty quick and simple, yet it’s a lengthy process since the process is mostly manual. We also have to check our errors, or the vendors’ errors in sending invoices, which is undesirable. I have to thank Cornell’s courses and professors from Economics and Business department – the knowledge helps me a lot to understand what I have been doing.

4.¬†Last but not least –¬†the ice cream fridge in Teacher Created Materials!

Yes, free ice cream in Teacher Created Materials everyday with a huge range for your taste. I will definitely get a picture of the ice cream fridge next week!

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Tom Dang '16

Tom is an Economics & Business major from Hanoi, Vietnam.