Week 2:
Twin Cities Orthopedics

Mansfield Foundation Fellow in Physical Therapy

Twin Cities Orthopedics | Edina, Minnesota

June 8, 2013

Week two of my fellowship consisted of my usual housekeeping type responsibilities and learning from the physical therapists. I received my name badge which allows me to access to staff only areas of the main floor. I was introduced to staff outside of the physical therapist rehab setting and am getting more familiar with my way around.

On Friday I followed my supervisor and his patient to learn some new information about human balance. I expanded on my previous knowledge of proprioceptors in joint capsules and their role in balance. I also learned how to challenge the mind and body to work together to improve a patient’s balance by manipulating the method by which the body finds balances. This week I was also introduced to a few more injuries that I have never heard of before. For example, I learned about adhesive capsulitis also known as frozen shoulder. After following several patients who struggle with the pain from scar tissue, I was better able to understand the symptoms and rehab for a patient with frozen shoulder (which is a build up of scar tissue in the shoulder joint and restricting movement).

I have started to see patients session after session and am seeing how patients progress from week to week. I am looking forward to next week to continue observing patients who are recovering from knee replacements. So far I have seen patients in the middle of their rehab (6-8 weeks), and I am excited to observe their state of mobility and strength as they graduate from their physical therapy rehab program.

Ettlin Professional Headshot

Laura Ettlin '14

Major: Biomechanics. Hometown:Torrance, California.