Why Blend In When You Were Meant To Stand Out? 

On March 10th of 2010, the Sisterhood of Beta Psi Eta was formed from a dream. The dream began turning into reality as ideas began to be put on paper. The three original founders, Angela Sanchez ’13, Kelsey Remeikis ’12, and Laura Sanchez Lopez ’13 wanted to create a sorority that would emphasize one’s uniqueness. They began brainstorming ideals, colors, a mascot, and most importantly a strict no-hazing policy. They knew Cornell College needed something like this group to bring a greater awareness of culture. This new idea soon brought forth a challenge to the norm of Cornell College.

As the idea of Beta Psi Eta expanded, three new founders were added in; Catalina Salas ‘14, Cinthia Manriquez ‘14, and Karime Nava ‘14. Unfortunately, two of the founders, Angela Sanchez ’13 and Kelsey Remeikis ’12, had to leave from the group due to personal reasons. The other four women continued to build upon what had been started. They sought help from the Director of Intercultural Life, Ken Morris. He became Beta Psi Eta’s first advisor and helped the four women continue the development of the group.

Since Beta Psi Eta was not official, they called themselves BBB’s. It’s meaning is only shared among the members of the Sisterhood. Then on May 5, 2011, the remaining four founders went before the Greek Council to introduce the idea of establishing a multicultural sorority at Cornell. BETA would be a sorority that emphasizes all aspects of different cultures. The women were told that they would need at least eight founding members to be able to start a new Greek (social) group. So at the end of May 2011, a meeting was held in the Bowman-Carter Formal Lounge to present their idea to a select group of prospects.

When the 2011-2012 academic year began, the four founders held events for prospective members that would soon become part of the new group. In October of 2011, five new women were initiated into the group: Aracely Martínez ‘13, Christine Nguyen ‘13, Dzung Đặng ‘13, Janae Nelson ‘13, and Maricruz Gutierrez ‘14. The five women were chosen because the four founders found each one upheld the principles of Beta Psi Eta. They became the foundation of Beta Psi Eta.

Soon the 9 women asked Greek Council to be put on probationary status, which was one step closer to becoming an official group. They could now wear their letters loud and proud! The Sisters of Beta Psi Eta strived to build relationships with other Greek groups and let the Cornell community know of their existence.

Various rumors began to spread throughout the campus that this new sorority was a racist group that only wanted people of color. They thought it was creating a type of segregation in the Cornell Greek community. To clear any doubts or rumors surrounding BETA, the nine girls continued to educate the Cornell community by having informational meetings to clarify any concerns or questions that individuals had throughout the year. BETA looked for those who upheld the principles and stood for Virtue, Multiculturalism, and Individualism.

In Spring 2012, Beta Psi Eta initiated in their first pledge class since announcing themselves to the Cornell community. These eight ladies were Angelica Hall ’15, Chanté Lemon ’14, Claudia Gonzalez ’14, C’niphia Jones ’14, Emily Kipper ’13, Leticia Valencia ’15, Samantha Sparrow ’14, and Taylor Reed ’14. Unfortunately, Claudia Gonzalez ’14, Emily Kipper ’13, and Samantha Sparrow ’14 later decided to deactivate due to personal reasons.

Finally on Thursday, May 24th, 2012, the 14 Sisters of Beta Psi Eta went up for their first try at a charter. There were 9 of the 13 Greek Groups eligible to vote. The Sisterhood received the votes needed! It seemed surreal that Beta Psi Eta was finally official. The Sisters of Beta Psi Eta knew they had just made history at Cornell College. Their legacy would live on for years to come.

Our four founders!

“Individually Unique, Together Complete”