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Fall Reservations

From the Information Desk:

Reservations Request for Fall 2016

Reservation requests for Fall 2016 will be accepted on Monday April 25th. BEFORE your request will be processed your group must complete the room setup contract. Take this week prior to April 25th to complete and turn in the room contract. Then on April 25th you can submit your reservation request and it will be processed without delay. Please remember requests will be honored on a first come first serve basis. Both the Room Setup Contract and the Reservation Request Form can be found with this link.



Q: Interested in a student leadership position, social justice, or disability rights and issues?

A: Consider an executive board position within the student organization Disability, Opportunity, Outreach, Resources, and Support (DOORS)!

DOORS is seeking motivated student leaders to fulfill several roles in the organization. Organizational activities include educational programming, awareness raising, student advocacy, and outreach involving issues related to disability in higher education. We intend to promote accessibility, inclusion, and educational attainment in higher education while reducing barriers. Deadline for nominations: 5:00pm on March 25, 2016. Interested persons may nominate others or themselves. If interested or would like more information, contact Andrew Crow (ACrow16), Elizabeth Serna (ESerna16) or Aubrey Kohl (AKohl17) via email.

Battle of the Bands

A message from Cornell’s own radio station, KRNL 89.7fm:

Get the band together and get ready for a show! KRNL is ready to showcase the talent Cornell has to offer! In order to participate in the KRNL Battle of the Bands, members of Linn County and Cornell community must submit a youtube video showcasing the talents they expect to showcase at the Battle of the Bands, happening March 25th! Youtube links can be sent by email to .

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