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Call For Artists!


The Department of Theatre is looking for artists, writers, dancers, spoken word performers to participate in a truly collaborative experience.

The April production of THOSE THAT FALL will be a devised piece (the script and performance is generated by the ensemble, rather than written by a single playwright).

In a series of actual news articles printed in September of 1903, the Des Moines Daily News reported that the town of Van Meter, Iowa was “visited” by a giant bat-like creature over the course of four consecutive nights. The creature was seen, reported, and shot at by various townspeople before being sealed into a local mine shaft. The “Visitor” may be gone, but the stories, tales, hopes and fear remain. Inspired by these events, Those that Fall will explore the social tensions that spark the gruesome, glorious and sometimes necessary tales that pull us together and tear us apart. Set in a fictionalized mid-Western town still reeling from the pain of the civil war and facing a surge of hopeful immigrants, these facts, fictions, half-truths, hopes, dreams and lies will have to fall away for the community to survive. The director is interested in working with an ensemble that reflects gender and ethnic diversity.


Monday, February 22nd 3:15 – 5:30 in SHAW (Thomas Commons) and 6:30 – 9:00 in The Black Box Theatre. RSVP to the FACEBOOK EVENT!

Call Backs – Tuesday, February 23rd from 6:30 – 9:30 in The Black Box Theatre

SIGN UP – For an audition time slot on call board across from Armstrong G48 or e-mail

Artists should- 1. SIGN UP FOR AN AUDITION SLOT (See the above) 2. Prepare to perform a 2 min. piece of text (poem, story, or monologue can be from any source and/or written by yourself) AND 3. Prepare to present a special skill (sing, juggle, dance, hula, yodel, card tricks, martial arts, etc.) OR 4. Present something you have created (puppet, costume, sculpture, painting, etc.

Artists of ANY major or experience are invited. Questions? Want to know more? Contact


We’re Hiring!

The hippest office on campus is hiring for the 2016-2017 school year!

Apply for the following positions in the Student Life Office:

Digital Marketing Assistant (Digital media and graphic design)

  • Responsibilities:
    • Design visually engaging, informative graphic advertisements for Digital Wall and Table tents, using various computer programs
    • Manage requests from student groups/College departments and be aware of other events for students that need advertising.
  •  Desired Qualifications:
    • Flexible schedule; art/design experience; previous marketing experience and/or interest; basic working knowledge of Microsoft Powerpoint and Publisher.
    • Photoshop and other more developed graphic design experience is a serious bonus.

Content Marketing Assistant (Social media management, event photography, and online writing)

  • Responsibilities:
    • Write engaging and informative posts for the blog and social media accounts to highlight different aspects of student life and events on campus.
    • Manage advertising requests from student groups/College departments and be aware of other events for students that need advertising on Cornell gateway featured posts and social media accounts.
    • Take photos of student activities/events, upload to online profiles.
    • Schedule consistent posts on Twitter/Hootsuite and Facebook, interact with followers. 
  • Desired Qualifications:
    • Flexible schedule; attention to detail; personable and clear writing style adaptive to various media; knowledge of social media platforms and audience engagement; interest in campus events and student involvement.

Technical Assistant

  • Responsible for setting up technical equipment for events in the Commons (microphone, projector, sound, etc)
  • Desired Qualifications: some knowledge of tech equipment; hours vary based on campus events.

Apply by sending a resume with any relevant experience to:  and before Spring Break.

You do not need to qualify for workstudy to have a position in the office and you have the opportunity to gain working experience.  Note: Positions start in the fall.

Email us at the above addresses if you have any questions.

Class of 2016

Members of the Class of ’16!

The Senior Gift Campaign is your chance to make an impact on the Hilltop. At Cornell’s core is a tradition of philanthropy, and every year we encourage the senior class to come together and build on that tradition.

By participating in Senior Gift Campaign you are helping to provide future Cornellians with the same unique opportunities you had.

All Gifts made to the senior gift campaign goes to the Cornell Scholars Program to name a scholarship and that will be awarded to a deserving Cornell student in 2016-217.

President Brand is offering a $2,000 challenge to the Class of 2016. For every 34 senior donors he will add $500 to our overall gift up to $2,000. You can help us reach our goal of 134 seniordonors (50% of the class)  by making a gift to the Senior Gift Campaign Today!

Donate HERE!


Caucus, Cornell!

It’s an exciting time to be a student in Iowa!

If you weren’t aware yet, a super important event is happening on Monday night: Iowa’s First-In-The-Nation Caucuses!

[Learn more about the process with this video:]

This is an excellent opportunity to take part in the civic process and show support for the candidate you support.

All Cornell students are eligible to participate as long as you register to vote as either a Democrat or Republican in the state of Iowa beforehand. If you haven’t registered yet, you can register at the site of your party’s caucus by 6 pm with some form of identification and proof of Iowa residency (any mailing that you’ve received in your mailbox on campus will do!). You can also just observe if you don’t want to participate.



REPUBLICANS will caucus in the Cornell College gym. Arrive by 6:30, as doors will shut at 7 pm.

DEMOCRATS will caucus at the Mt. Vernon High School Commons. Arrive by 6:30, as doors will shut at 7 pm. If you’re already registered, you can take the shuttle to the location by signing up here.

Questions can be directed to Katie Wilson (kwilson) in the Civic Engagement Center!


Student Senate Elections


You can now vote for Student Senate executive positions for the next year. Voting will be open for 24 hours following Friday’s speeches during lunch. All students are able to vote, even members of the Class of 2016/graduating seniors.

To vote, go to Community (vote box is on the right side panel) and select the candidates for the following positions:

President of Student Senate

Vice President of Student Senate

Chair of Appropriations

Chair of Academic Affairs

Chair of Student Life

Update: Here are the election results.

President of the Student Body:
Arturo Castillo
Chair of the Appropriations Committee:
Glory-Lieb Tetuh 
Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee:
Leena Kaye
Chair of Student Life:
Patrick Leitzen
Those positions for which no candidates ran for office (Chair of Organizations and Vice President of theStudent Body) will be filled by the incoming Executive Council.