New @ the Hill Top Cafe

In honor of the return of the rest of the student body this weekend, General Manager of Cornell College’s dining service, Bon Appetit, Joan Homrich, gives an update on what to expect in the Hill Top Cafe and Zamora’s Market this year.

First, don’t forget to chose your meal plan.

We have many exciting changes this year that will improve our dining options and have allowed us to not raise our dining prices!

We have extended our meal exchange hours: you can now get a meal exchange Monday – Friday in Zamora’s from 7:30-9:30

Our regular daily meal exchange hours have also changed from 1:30-5:00 pm Monday – Friday.

And don’t forget we have a new Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine in Hill Top Cafe.

Look daily for updates on our new menu items in Z’s and other changes to our programs.

Click here to find the Bon Appetit website, where you can view menus for the coming week and submit feedback.