Spotlight: PAAC

Each week we put a “spotlight” on an aspect of student life at Cornell, whether it be opportunities, resources or just people on campus. This week, we’re featuring the Performing Arts & Activities Council (More affectionately known as PAAC) with a post written by Emily Wyler ’16.

There’s something really magical about programming events. After months of planning, figuring out details, spreading the word, a little bit of stress… BOOM. The event is happening–and you’re responsible. You and your committee made good stuff happen: the smiles on the faces of your peers as they enjoy a relaxing night of music in the cafe -lounge Zamora’s Market; the youthful energy and excitement of college students in response to games from their childhood or winning a prize at a game show; or the tears when they are laughing so hard it hurts at a particularly funny comedian or hypnotist. This is what consistently comes when you’re part of the Performing Arts and Activities Council, also known as PAAC.

With the band, The Ballroom Thieves! April 2014

When I first came to Cornell I really wanted to get involved with something outside of class and I had a strong interest in live music. So, I made one of the best decisions so far in my time here: I joined PAAC’s Music/Bands committee. Back then, I honestly didn’t think I would get out as much from my involvement in the organization as I have in these past 2 years. Through PAAC, I have made tons of invaluable connections with students/staff on campus as well as super talented, fun performers; I’ve learned a lot about marketing and how to work with on-campus resources; and I’ve been able to take on a sense of ownership and leadership that comes from planning engaging events for the community.

I love being part of PAAC. We’re not just a student organization with an office in the Commons: We’re a team and a family. We mix serious event planning business with just having fun (PAAC Parties!!) Based on the Executive Board’s productive training this spring, this year is going to be especially amazing.DSC_0377

So stay tuned for all the events we’re sponsoring, or join up with us and get exclusive-to-PAAC-members perks. (How appealing does that sound?!) You can be a general member and/or join a couple of our 5 specific committees: Music & Bands; Comedy; Novelty Events (random things like hypnotists); Dark Purple (late-night sober alternatives like game shows); and Homecoming. Our meetings are Thursdays at 5:30 pm in the office off the OC, next to the printers. Come and hang out with us!

If you want to know more about what we do, check out our website and stay updated with events coming up by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter: @CornellPAAC