Spotlight: The Cornellian

Each week we put a “spotlight” on an aspect of student life at Cornell, whether it be opportunities, resources or just people on campus. This week, we’re featuring The Cornellian, Cornell’s student newspaper, in a post written by Editor-in-Chief, Jess Reed ’16. 

The Cornellian is the student-run newspaper at Cornell. It has a long history—you can find archived issues in the library that go back for decades—and seeks to represent and inform the student body. We publish an 8-page paper on the first three Wednesdays of every block. Our paper includes a News section, a Culture section, an Entertainment section, a Features section, an Opinions section, and a Sports section. We are always looking for new contributors and are planning to overhaul the appearance of the Cornellian and the types of stories that we run for the upcoming academic year.

Working on the Cornellian is different for everyone, and each individual experience depends on a variety of factors. There are a multitude of positions required to maintain the organization of our paper. However, writers truly are the most important part of our publication. Without student contribution, we have no Cornellian. Next year, we plan on making our writers a more integral part of our operations. Because what they do is so important to the paper, we want Cornellian contributors to be able to write about what interests them, whether that be sports, the arts, or a more investigative approach to news. Typically, writers receive article assignments about a week before their articles are due. During this week, they might attend a specific event, do research, and conduct interviews. Being a Cornellian writer is an excellent way to be an aware member of Cornell’s community and to get professional writing experience. Plus, writers have a direct impact on the campus, as what they contribute is seen and read by other students and faculty at Cornell, and can have quite the impact.

On a side note, one of the most interesting times of the year for the Cornellian is the beginning of April, when we publish the CornHellian issue. This issue is intended to correspond with April Fool’s day and includes a hilarious medley of satiric writing. This issue tends to be a campus favorite and is just one opportunity for students to have fun working for the Cornellian.

Anyone interested in joining the Cornellian team can email Jess Reed (jreed16) or Thao Luu (tluu16) for more information. Click here to be directed to their website, where previous articles have been archived.

You can check this organization–and many more–out at the Student Involvement Fair this first Friday of Block 1. More info