Make it the Best Year Ever

By now you should know that on campus at Cornell, we are planning for the 2014-15 year to be the Best Year Ever.  In order to share some of these things with you, we’ve gathered some of the best talking heads across campus to share their insights and advice for how to make this year the Best Year Ever.  Check out these tips and events to attend to plan out your year:

  • Go to Rock the Block the night before classes start
  • Attend the Student Involvement Fair, the first Friday of the year (September 5th) on the OC and sign up for the email list of a group you’ve never checked out before
  • Visit the Roe Howard Fitness Center with repaired machines
  • Sit on the balcony off of the Smith Dining Room at lunch
  • Play the Frisbee Golf course on campus
  • Attend the Delt Lecture featuring Doris Kearns Goodwin. Sept. 18
  • Support ALL Cornell College athletic teamsMascot
  • Take a picture with the ram –>
  • Support the locals! Head downtown or purchase items from the Farmers Market
  • Learn the Cornell College fight song
  • Get to know your campus leaders
  • Join  Bon Appetit and the Mount Vernon community in celebrating the fall harvest with apple bobbing on October 11
  • Stop by Stoner House!
  • Have an encounter with the squirrels on campus
  • Find opportunities to volunteer in the community through the Civic Engagement Office
  • Go to Fuel for your morning latte and study there
  • Sled down Third Avenue (AKA “Pres Hill”. Don’t worry, you don’t even have to look out for cars!)
  • Write an article for the Cornellian student newspaper
  • Check out the concerts by the Cornell Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble and Steel Drum Bands.
  • Take your advisor to lunch in the Commons (let’s do lunch program) and start building your relationship with those future references
  • Catch a movie at the Bijou movie theatre, plus they have the BEST popcorn!
  • Identify a faculty or staff member who does work that you find interesting, and ask if you can interview them about their life and career path
  • Start saving for a block off-campus
  • Attend a Greek group’s pre-pledge
  • Spend an afternoon at the Pal (Palisades Kepler State Park) enjoying your natural surroundings
  • Audition for a student theatre production
  • Create an unexpected meal in Hilltop Cafe by combining food from different stations
  • Attend a PAAC concert or comedy show
  • Participate in Care 4 Cornell — you’ll see your campus in a whole different light
  • Take time to appreciate the art in the library and Zamora’s Market
  • People watch in the Thomas Commons — both inside and outside folks
  • Paint the rock –>download
  • Ask an upperclassman student to tell you how to get to shoe tree—and then check it out! Remember to bring a pair of old shoes with you!
  • Check out a book from Cole Library and spend an afternoon reading and relaxing in the hammock by Ink Pond or King Chapel
  • Rent a purple bike and check out  Mt. Vernon’s Solar System—watch out for Asteroids!
  • Enjoy the winter weather at Mt. Vernon’s Magical Night
  • Say Happy Birthday to friends in style–Paint the Kiosks or make an OC sign for them!
  • Take part in Fraternity and Sorority recruitment
  • Do your own radio show at KRNL
  • Make friends with students in the Teaching and Learning Center at the Library-Quantitative Reasoning Studio, Writing Studio, and the Academic Technology Studio.
  • Explore McWethy-see if you can find the Spray Paint room!
  • Submit writing, art or photos to Open Field (Cornell’s Literary Arts Magazine)
  • Participate in Alternative Spring Break. March 5-15
  • Take a blanket out to the soccer field and be amazed by a meteor shower (Click here for meteor shower dates)
  • Watch for Student Health Center “Quack Attacks” that show up anywhere on campus.  Pick a duck, answer a question, win a prize!
  • Participate in the floor events that your RA’s put on
  • Get some chocolate at the First Street Community Center/Old School Shop. Bring your Cornell ID to get a discount!
  • Go to Chalk the Walk-First Saturday the first full weekend of May
  • Learn the Alma Mater
  • Submit a story, poem, or piece of artwork to the spring issue of Open Field, Cornell’s always-excellent, and completely student-run, literary magazine.
  • Challenge yourself, stretch your comfort zone. Apply for a leadership position, try out for a production. Learn something new.
  • And, of course: Stay up-to-date on campus activities with the new Student Life Blog: All year long

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  1. Great list! If I may, I’d like to add one more:

    Submit a story, poem, or piece of artwork to the spring issue of Open Field, Cornell’s always-excellent, and completely student-run, literary magazine.

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